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HMCS Regina (K234) Model, built for the Friends of HMCS Regina and on display in the lobby of Regina City Hall.
Al Magnus' 1/72 scale scratchbuilt Parasev I on pg.53 of the February 2009 Military Modelcraft International magazine.
Expo 2005 photograph in Regina Leader-Post
Michael Evans' 1/16 scale Soviet Naval Infantry figure on pg.49 of the December 2002 FineScale Modeler magazine.

Photo Gallery

AircraftMilitary VehiclesCivilian VehiclesOthers
Canadian Armed Forces C-17 #177704 Canadian Armed Forces Leopard Tank Russ Flaman 1970 Chevelle SS Canadian Armed Forces C-3 105mm Howitzer
Canadian Armed Forces CF-18 #188701 Canadian Armed Forces LAV III Armoured Personnel Carrier Kelly Hampton Challenger T/A Ordnance Quick-Firing 6 pounder
Canadian Armed Forces CF-18 #188724 Royal Canadian Air Force Ford 1941 F-60 Truck Tornado Hunter Ford F-150 "The Flash" Ordnance Quick-Firing 17 pounder
Canadian Armed Forces CF-18 #188776 United States Army M-1117 Guardian Randy Russell's Show Rod "Orange Crush" USAF AGM-129 ACM cruise missile
Canadian Armed Forces CC-138 Twin Otter #13805 Canadian Armed Forces MLVW truck Ken Beauchemin's 1941 Farmall 'A' tractor USAF Mark-36 Thermonuclear (Hydrogen) Bomb
Canadian Armed Forces CH-139 Jet Ranger C-FTHA Janis Joplin's 1965 Porsche 356C Cabriolet Imperial Japanese Army 70mm Model 92 Howitzer
AH-1S Cobra 70-16084 Soviet 7.62mm Maxim Machine Gun model 1910
Elvis Presley's Covair 880 "Lisa Marie"

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