2016 Majestics Model Car Show and Contest

April 15 - 17, 2016

Canada Centre Building

Evraz Place

Regina, SK

Model Car Contest sponsored in whole by

Regina Canadian Tire North
655 Albert Street, Regina, SK
S4R 2P4
(306) 757-8608

The 2016 Majestics Model Car Show and Contest theme is


Special Awards

 Best in Show*
 (Kevin Krienke Memorial Award) 

Al Magnus - 1924 Atkinson 6-ton Steam Lorry
 Best Station Wagon* 
Curfew James - '53 Ford Stationwagon
 Best Replica Stock
Greg McKinnon - Honda NSX
 Best Street Modified or Pro Street
Greg McKinnon - '66 Nova
 Best Competition, Open WheelNo Entries
 Best Competition, Closed Wheel
Greg McKinnon - Toyota GT-One
 Best Custom or Show Car
Greg McKinnon - 1939 Chev Rod
 Best Street Rod
Greg McKinnon - Rat Rod
 Best Public Service Vehicle
Michael Evans - Ford 9000 Wrecker
 Best Light Truck
Frank Turgeon - 1991 Chevy Extended Cab Pilot Truck
 Best Heavy Truck
Al Magnus - 1924 Atkinson 6-ton Steam Lorry
 Best MotorcycleNo Entries
 Best Large Scale
Al Lindemann - 1984-88 Corvette
 Best Muscle Car
Brian Lloyd - GTO Judge
 Best Junior EntryNo Entries
 Best DioramaNo Entries
 Best MiscellaneousNo Entries
* = Crystal award

Category winners

	Category 16: Replica Stock
1st - 	Honda NSX			Greg McKinnon
2nd - 	VW T3 Camper			Justin Antonowitsch
3rd - 	'53 Ford Stationwagon           Curfew James
	Category 17: Street Modified & Pro Street	
1st - 	'66 Nova		Greg McKinnon
2nd - 	1975 AMC Gremlin X	Justin Antonowitsch
3rd - 	1966 Chevelle Wagon	Ted McPherson
	Category 19: Competition Closed Wheel	
1st - 	Toyota GT-One		Greg McKinnon
	Category 20: Custom & Show cars	
1st - 	1939 Chev Rod     Greg McKinnon
	Category 21: Street Rods	
1st - 	Rat Rod     Greg McKinnon

	Category 22: Public Service Vehicles	
1st - 	Ford 9000 Wrecker		Michael Evans
2nd - 	Kenworth W-900 Wrecker		Justin Antonowitsch

	Category 23: Light Trucks	
1st - 	1991 Chevy Extended Cab Pilot Truck	Frank Turgeon

	Category 24: Heavy Trucks	
1st - 	1924 Atkinson 6-ton Steam Lorry		Al Magnus
2nd - 	2010 International LoneStar		Trevor Buckler
3rd - 	Peterbuilt 359 Tractor & Car Carrier	Ted McPherson

	Category 26: Large Scales	
1st - 	1984-88 Corvette	Al Lindemann
	Category 27: Muscle cars	
1st - 	'69 GTO Judge		Brian Lloyd

More photos of the entries...

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Category 16 2nd place
  Justin Antonowitsch's VW Camper 

Category 17 2nd place
  Justin Antonowitsch's 1975 AMC Gremlin X 

Category 17 3rd place
 Ted McPherson's 1966 Chevelle Wagon 

Category 22 2nd place
  Justin Antonowitsch's Kenworth W-900 Wrecker 

Category 24 3rd place
 Ted McPherson's Peterbuilt 359 Tractor & Car Carrier