2016 Majestics Model Car Show and Contest

April 15 - 17, 2016

Canada Centre Building

Evraz Place

Regina, SK

Model Car Contest sponsored in whole by

Regina Canadian Tire North
655 Albert Street, Regina, SK
S4R 2P4
(306) 757-8608

The 2016 Majestics Model Car Show and Contest theme is


Special Awards

Best in Show*Al Magnus - 1924 Atkinson 6-ton Steam Lorry
Best Station Wagon*Curfew James - '53 Ford Stationwagon
Best Replica StockGreg McKinnon - Honda NSX
Best Street Modified or Pro StreetGreg McKinnon - '66 Nova
Best Competition, Open WheelNo Entries
Best Competition, Closed WheelGreg McKinnon - Toyota GT-One
Best Custom or Show CarGreg McKinnon - 1939 Chev Rod
Best Street RodGreg McKinnon - Rat Rod
Best Public Service VehicleMichael Evans - Ford 9000 Wrecker
Best Light TruckFrank Turgeon - 1991 Chevy Extended Cab Pilot Truck
Best Heavy TruckAl Magnus - 1924 Atkinson 6-ton Steam Lorry
Best MotorcycleNo Entries
Best Large ScaleAl Lindemann - 1984-88 Corvette
Best Muscle CarBrian Lloyd - GTO Judge
Best Junior EntryNo Entries
Best DioramaNo Entries
Best MiscellaneousNo Entries
* = Crystal award

Category winners

	Category 16: Replica Stock
1st - 	Honda NSX			Greg McKinnon
2nd - 	VW T3 Camper			Justin Antonowitsch
3rd - 	'53 Ford Stationwagon           Curfew James
	Category 17: Street Modified & Pro Street	
1st - 	'66 Nova		Greg McKinnon
2nd - 	1975 AMC Gremlin X	Justin Antonowitsch
3rd - 	1966 Chevelle Wagon	Ted McPherson
	Category 19: Competition Closed Wheel	
1st - 	Toyota GT-One		Greg McKinnon
	Category 20: Custom & Show cars	
1st - 	1939 Chev Rod     Greg McKinnon
	Category 21: Street Rods	
1st - 	Rat Rod     Greg McKinnon

	Category 22: Public Service Vehicles	
1st - 	Ford 9000 Wrecker		Michael Evans
2nd - 	Kenworth W-900 Wrecker		Justin Antonowitsch

	Category 23: Light Trucks	
1st - 	1991 Chevy Extended Cab Pilot Truck	Frank Turgeon

	Category 24: Heavy Trucks	
1st - 	1924 Atkinson 6-ton Steam Lorry		Al Magnus
2nd - 	2010 International LoneStar		Trevor Buckler
3rd - 	Peterbuilt 359 Tractor & Car Carrier	Ted McPherson

	Category 26: Large Scales	
1st - 	1984-88 Corvette	Al Lindemann
	Category 27: Muscle cars	
1st - 	'69 GTO Judge		Brian Lloyd

Photographs of the winners....

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The Award Winners

Best Stationwagon
Best in Show

Best Muscle Car

Best Replica Stock

Best Light Truck

Best Large Scale

Best Heavy Truck

Best Competition Closed Wheel

Best Street Rod

Best Custom Show Car

Best Street Modified or Pro Street

Best Public Service Vehicle

More photos of the entries...

Category 16 2nd place

Category 17 2nd place

Category 17 3rd place

Category 22 2nd place

Category 24 3rd place