2015 Majestics Model Car Show and Contest

April 10 - 12, 2015

Canada Centre Building

Evraz Place

Regina, SK

Contest Sponsored in whole by

Regina Canadian Tire North
655 Albert Street, Regina, SK
S4R 2P4
(306) 757-8608

This year's Majestics theme is:

Small Block V-8 Engines (under 400cid)


 Best in Show
 (Kevin Krienke Memorial Award) 
John Aydt - Willys
 Best Small Block Engine 
Curfew James - 1966 Nova SS
 Best Replica Stock
Dave Kapp - Ford Country Squire
 Best Street Modified or Pro Street
Leith James - Karmann Ghia modified
 Best Competition, Open Wheel
Dave Porter - Penske PC-6
 Best Competition, Closed Wheel
Curfew James - 1965 Chev Malibu
 Best Custom or Show Car
Dave Kapp - Daytona Transporter
 Best Street Rod 
John Aydt - Willys
 Best Public Service VehicleNo Entries
 Best Light Truck
Justin Antonowitsch - Chevy Fleetside Pickup
 Best Heavy Truck
John Aydt - Peterbuilt
 Best Motorcycle
Dave Kapp - Daytona Transporter
 Best Large Scale
Al Lindemann - Peterbuilt conversion
 Best Muscle Car
John Aydt - 70 Challenger "Vanishing Point"
 Best Junior EntryDevin Axon - Richard Petty Dodge Dart
 Best Diorama
 Michael Evans - Acme Anvil Co. Kenworth diorama 
 Best Miscellaneous
Justin Antonowitsch - Hot Rod Hydro Boat

Category winners

	Category 16: Replica Stock
1st - 	Ford Country Squire			Dave Kapp
2nd  - 	Porsche 911 Slant Nose			Justin Antonowitsch
3rd  - 	Mini Cooper 998 Mk.1			Justin Antonowitsch
	Category 17: Street Modified & Pro Street	
1st - 	Karmann Ghia modified		Leith James
2nd  - 	1966 Nova SS			Curfew James

	Category 18: Competition Open Wheel	
1st - 	Penske PC-6				 Dave Porter
2nd  - 	Fiat Funny Car				 Jim Hammill
	Category 19: Competition Closed Wheel	
1st - 	1965 Chev Malibu		Curfew James
2nd  - 	Ford Taladega NASCAR		John Aydt
3rd  - 	De Tomaso Pantera 		Dave Porter
	Category 20: Custom & Show cars	
1st - 	Daytona Transporter	Dave Kapp
2nd  - 	Bad Medicine		Dave Kapp
3rd  - 	Sand Shark		Dave Kapp
	Category 21: Street Rods	
1st - 	Willys	John Aydt Kapp
2nd  - 	Willys		John Aydt
3rd  - 	32 Ford Roadster		Jim Hammill

	Category 22: Public Service Vehicles	
no entries

	Category 23: Light Trucks	
1st - 	1964 Chevy Fleetside Pickup	Justin Antonowitsch
2nd  - 	1937 Ford Pickup		Justin Antonowitsch
3rd  - 	1999 Chevy Silverado		Justin Antonowitsch

	Category 24: Heavy Trucks	
1st - 	Peterbuilt			John Aydt
2nd  - 	Mack with wrecked car		Tom Aydt
3rd  - 	Freight Liner			Tom Aydt

	Category 25: Motorcycles	
1st - 	Tiki Trike	Dave Kapp

	Category 26: Large Scales	
1st - 	Peterbuilt conversion	Al Lindemann
	Category 27: Muscle cars	
1st - 	70 Challenger "Vanishing Point"		John Aydt

	Category 34: Juniors	
1st - 	Richard Petty Dodge Dart		Devin Axon
2nd  - 	Enzo Ferrari				Alex Dale
3rd  - 	Leaky Boat Louie			Mercury Kapp
	Category 41: Dioramas	
1st - 	Acme Anvil Co. Kenworth		Michael Evans

	Category 46: Miscellaneous	
1st - 	Hot Rod Hydro Boat		Justin Antonowitsch
2nd  - 	Bat Boat			Dave Kapp