2015 Majestics Model Car Show and Contest

April 10 - 12, 2015

Canada Centre Building

Evraz Place

Regina, SK

Contest Sponsored in whole by

Regina Canadian Tire North
655 Albert Street, Regina, SK
S4R 2P4
(306) 757-8608

This year's Majestics theme is:

Small Block V-8 Engines (under 400cid)


Best in ShowJohn Aydt - Willys
Best Small Block EngineCurfew James - 1966 Nova SS
Best Replica StockDave Kapp - Ford Country Squire
Best Street Modified or Pro StreetLeith James - Karmann Ghia modified
Best Competition, Open WheelDave Porter - Penske PC-6
Best Competition, Closed WheelCurfew James - 1965 Chev Malibu
Best Custom or Show CarDave Kapp - Daytona Transporter
Best Street RodJohn Aydt - Willys
Best Public Service Vehicleno entries
Best Light TruckJustin Antonowitsch - Chevy Fleetside Pickup
Best Heavy TruckJohn Aydt - Peterbuilt
Best MotorcycleDave Kapp - Daytona Transporter
Best Large ScaleAl Lindemann - Peterbuilt conversion
Best Muscle CarJohn Aydt - 70 Challenger "Vanishing Point"
Best Junior EntryDevin Axon - Richard Petty Dodge Dart
Best DioramaMichael Evans - Acme Anvil Co. Kenworth diorama
Best MiscellaneousJustin Antonowitsch - Hot Rod Hydro Boat

Category winners

	Category 16: Replica Stock
1st - 	Ford Country Squire			Dave Kapp
2nd - 	Porsche 911 Slant Nose			Justin Antonowitsch
3rd - 	Mini Cooper 998 Mk.1			Justin Antonowitsch
	Category 17: Street Modified & Pro Street	
1st - 	Karmann Ghia modified		Leith James
2nd - 	1966 Nova SS			Curfew James

	Category 18: Competition Open Wheel	
1st - 	Penske PC-6				 Dave Porter
2nd - 	Fiat Funny Car				 Jim Hammill
	Category 19: Competition Closed Wheel	
1st - 	1965 Chev Malibu		Curfew James
2nd - 	Ford Taladega NASCAR		John Aydt
3rd - 	De Tomaso Pantera 		Dave Porter
	Category 20: Custom & Show cars	
1st - 	Daytona Transporter	Dave Kapp
2nd - 	Bad Medicine		Dave Kapp
3rd - 	Sand Shark		Dave Kapp
	Category 21: Street Rods	
1st - 	Willys	John Aydt Kapp
2nd - 	Willys		John Aydt
3rd - 	32 Ford Roadster		Jim Hammill

	Category 22: Public Service Vehicles	
no entries

	Category 23: Light Trucks	
1st - 	1964 Chevy Fleetside Pickup	Justin Antonowitsch
2nd - 	1937 Ford Pickup		Justin Antonowitsch
3rd - 	1999 Chevy Silverado		Justin Antonowitsch

	Category 24: Heavy Trucks	
1st - 	Peterbuilt			John Aydt
2nd - 	Mack with wrecked car		Tom Aydt
3rd - 	Freight Liner			Tom Aydt

	Category 25: Motorcycles	
1st - 	Tiki Trike	Dave Kapp

	Category 26: Large Scales	
1st - 	Peterbuilt conversion	Al Lindemann
	Category 27: Muscle cars	
1st - 	70 Challenger "Vanishing Point"		John Aydt

	Category 34: Juniors	
1st - 	Richard Petty Dodge Dart		Devin Axon
2nd - 	Enzo Ferrari				Alex Dale
3rd - 	Leaky Boat Louie			Mercury Kapp
	Category 41: Dioramas	
1st - 	Acme Anvil Co. Kenworth		Michael Evans

	Category 46: Miscellaneous	
1st - 	Hot Rod Hydro Boat		Justin Antonowitsch
2nd - 	Bat Boat			Dave Kapp

Photographs of the winners....

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The Award Winners

Best Small Block V-8 Engine
Best in Show

Best Replica Stock

Best Light Truck

Best Large Scale

Best Heavy Truck

Best Competition Closed Wheel

Best Competition Open Wheel

Best Custom Show Car

Best Street Modified or Pro Street

Best Diorama

Best Miscellaneous

Best Muscle Car

Best Motorcycle