2012 Majestics Model Car Show and Contest

April 13 - 15, 2012

Canada Centre Building

Evraz Place

Regina, SK

Contest Sponsored in whole by

655 Albert Street, Regina, SK
S4R 2P4
(306) 757-8608

This year's Majestics theme is:

Rest in Peace....
Auto Manufacturers that no longer produce cars
(e.g.. Edsel, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Mercury, Hummer, Plymouth, Studebaker, etc.)


Best Rest in Peace VehicleStudebaker Lark - Curfew James
Best Street Rod'21 Tee - Dave Kapp
Best Custom or Show Car'54 Mercury - Dave Kapp
Best MotorcycleGambler Custom Chopper - Brian Miller
Best Large ScaleMercedes Racer - Brian Miller
Best Muscle Car (1960-1975)'62 Chevrolet Bel Air 409 - Justin Antonowitsch
Best Replica StockMorris Mini Cooper 1275S Mk.1 - Ted McPherson
Best Competition, Open WheelShadow DN5 (1975) - Dave Porter
Best Competition, Closed WheelBlue Max Funny Car - Dave Kapp
Best Street Modified or Pro StreetMorris Mini Cooper Racing - Ted McPherson
Best Junior EntryNo Entries
Best Intermediate EntryNo Entries
Best Light Truck1950 Chev Half Ton - Curfew James
Best Heavy TruckFord Snow Plow - Justin Antonowitsch
Best DioramaAbandoned Chev Impala - Michael Evans
Best MiscellaneousNo Entries

Category winners

Category 16: Replica Stock
1st - Morris Mini Cooper 1275S Mk.1   Ted McPherson
2nd - Lotus Super 7                   Brian Miller
3rd - 1949 Ford RCMP                  Dave Schmidt

Category 17: Street Modified & Pro Street
1st - Morris Mini Cooper Racing  Ted McPherson
2nd - '57 Chevrolet Bel Air      Justin Antonowitsch

Category 18: Competition Open Wheel
1st - Shadow DN5 (1975)  Dave Porter
2nd - Swamp Rat          Dave Kapp

Category 19: Competition Closed Wheel
1st - Blue Max Funny Car                       Dave Kapp
2nd - Porsche 911 GT1 "EVO"                    Ted McPherson
3rd - Toyota Celica 93 Monte Carlo Rally Car   Ted McPherson

Category 20: Custom & Show cars
1st - '54 Mercury         Dave Kapp
2nd - Chrysler Atlantic   Dave Schmidt
3rd - Tijuana Taxi        Dave Kapp

Category 21: Street Rods
1st - '21 Tee        Dave Kapp
2nd - 1912 T Truck   Dave Kapp
3rd - '29 Woody      Dave Kapp

Category 25: Motorcycles
1st - Gambler Custom Chopper    Brian Miller

Category 26: Large Scales
1st - Mercedes Racer          Brian Miller
2nd - 1969 Toyota 2000 GT     Al Lindemann

Category 27: Muscle Cars
1st - '62 Chevrolet Bel Air 409  Justin Antonowitsch

Category 30A: Light Trucks
1st - 1950 Chev Half Ton       Curfew James
2nd - Chevrolet 454SS Pickup   Justin Antonowitsch

Category 30B: Heavy Trucks
1st - Ford Snow Plow        Justin Antonowitsch
2nd - Mack Concrete Mixer   Harvey Ferguson
3rd - Kenworth Dump Truck   David Oancia

Category 47: Dioramas
1st - Abandoned Chev Impala    Michael Evans
2nd - Ranchero Rest Inn        Evan Hanson

Photographs of the winners and some of the entries....

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The Award Winners

Best Rest in Peace Vehicle

Best Light Truck

Best Large Scale

Best Motorcycle

Best Replica Stock

Best Heavy Truck

Best Competition Closed Wheel

Best Competition Open Wheel

Best Custom Show Car

Best Street Modified/ProStreet

Best Street Rod

Best Diorama

Best Muscle Car (1960-1975)

More photos

Category 18 2nd place

Category 20 3rd place

Category 21 3rd place

Category 26 2nd place

Category 30B 2nd place

Category 30B 3rd place

On the Tables...
Contest Summary
No. of Contestants: 12 (10 from Regina, SK, and 2 from out of town)

No. of Model Entries: 38