2011 Majestics Model Car Show and Contest

April 15 - 17, 2011

Canada Centre Building

Evraz Place

Regina, SK

Contest Sponsored in whole by

655 Albert Street, Regina, SK
S4R 2P4
(306) 757-8608

Majestics 2011 poster can be downloaded here.

This year's Majestics theme is:

Cars and Pick-Up Trucks of the 60s


Best Car or Pick-Up Truck of the 60sTV Tommy Dragster - Dave Kapp
Best Street Rod'32 Ford - Greg McKinnon
Best Custom or Show Car'49 Merc "Midnight Crawler" - Greg McKInnon
Best MotorcycleTorch Custom Chopper - Brian Miller
Best Large Scale1935 Morgan Super Sport 3-wheeler - Brian Miller
Best Muscle Car (1960-1975)'71 Hemi Cuda - Darin Wielgoz
Best Replica Stock'60 Starliner - Daryl Law
Best Competition, Open WheelTV Tommy Dragster - Dave Kapp
Best Competition, Closed Wheel'55 Chev Pro Sportsman - Greg McKinnon
Best Street Modified or Pro Street1970 Buick GSX - Curfew James
Best Junior Entry1964 GTO - Erica James
Best Intermediate Entry'60 Starliner - Daryl Law
Best TruckDodge A100 "Canadian Tire" - Curfew James
Best DioramaDAK Bug diorama - Dave Porter
Best MiscellaneousDAK Bug diorama - Dave Porter

Category winners

Category 16: Replica Stock
1st (Junior) - 1964 GTO        Erica James

1st (Intermediate) - 60 Starliner   Daryl Law

1st - 1925 Model T Convertible    Ted McPherson
2nd - 57 Chev Bel Air             Justin Antonowitsch
3rd - 66 VW Beetle                Justin Antonowitsch

Category 17: Street Modified & Pro Street
1st - 1970 Buick GSX                  Curfew James
2nd - 1970 Plymouth GTX               Darin Wielgoz
3rd - 1970 Baldwin Motion Chevelle    Darin Wielgoz

Category 18: Competition Open Wheel
1st - TV Tommy Dragster       Dave Kapp
2nd - Hippie Hemi Dragster    Dave Kapp
3rd - Sling Shot Dragster     Dave Kapp

Category 19: Competition Closed Wheel
1st - 55 Chev Pro Sportsman    Greg McKinnon
2nd - Cobra                    Curfew James
3rd - 1967 Pontiac Firebird    Curfew James

Category 20: Custom & Show cars
1st - 49 Merc "Midnight Crawler"   Greg McKInnon
2nd - Depth Charger                Gene Stacyszyn
3rd - 57 Fairlane                  Dave Kapp

Category 21: Street Rods
1st - 32 Ford                 Greg McKinnon
2nd - 32 Ford Speedwagon      Greg McKinnon
3rd - 1925 Model T Chopped    Ted McPherson

Category 25: Motorcycles
1st - Torch Custom Chopper    Brian Miller
2nd - Yamaha 750              Brian Miller

Category 26: Large Scales
1st - 1935 Morgan Super Sport 3-wheeler     Brian Miller
2nd - 34 Ford Phenton                       Al Lindemann

Category 27: Muscle Cars
1st - '71 Hemi Cuda       Darin Wielgoz

Category 30: Trucks
1st - Dodge A100 "Canadian Tire"    Curfew James
2nd - 29 Ford Pickup                Ted McPherson
3rd - 29 Ford Roadster Pickup       Ted McPherson

Category 46: Miscellaneous
1st - DAK Bug diorama    Dave Porter
2nd - Bat Boat           Dave Kapp

Photographs of the winners and some of the entries....

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The Award Winners

Best Junior Entry

Best Large Scale

Best Motorcycle

Best Replica Stock &
Best Intermediate Entry

Best Truck

Best Competition Closed Wheel

Best Car or Pick-Up Truck of the 60s &
Best Competition Open Wheel

Best Custom Show Car

Best Street Modified/ProStreet

Best Street Rod

Best Miscellaneous &
Best Diorama

Best Muscle Car (1960-1975)

More photos...

Al Lindemann - '34 Ford Phenton

L. Brassard - Nitromethane Tag Team

Curfew James - '67 Pontiac Firebird

Curfew James - Chrysler Atlantic

Curfew James - Cobra

Dave Kapp - '57 Ford Fairlane

Dave Kapp - Bat Boat

Dave Kapp - Hippie Hemi dragster

Dave Kapp - Slingshot Dragster

Gene Stacyszyn - Depth Charger

Dave Kapp - Cement Mixer

Dave Kapp - Hurst Hairy Oldsmobile
Contest Summary
No. of Contestants: 14, all from Regina, SK.

No. of Model Entries: 54