1995 Majestics Model Car Show and Contest

April 29 - 30, 1995

Canada Building

Regina Exhibition Grounds

Regina, SK

Best Chevy

 Noran Tel 

Mike Stobbs - '62 Bel Air
Best Closed Wheel Competition

 Floyd's Mac Tools 

Jeremy Meyers - Morris Mini
Best Diorama

 Dave Porter 

Ron Lovell - '40 & '32 Ford Tin
Best Ford

 Bennett-Dunlop Ford 

Dave Porter - Shelby GT-350R
Best Goodyear Tire

 Norsask Tire 

W. Lee - '62 Dodge
Best in Show Blair Alderton - '48 Ford
Best Junior 60s Classic

 Timeless Classics 

D. Wilson - Chrysler Turbine
Best Junior Muscle Car

 C&H Specialties
Moose Jaw 

Chad Welta - '92 Caprice
Best Junior Out of the Box

D. Wilson - Mustang
Best Junior Pro Stock

 Ross Machine 

K. Zummak - '49 Ford
Best Master


Mike Stobbs - '83 Mercedes
Best Mopar

 Berendsen Fluid Power 

Edward Saraka - Viper GTS
Best Novice

 Lorass Disposal Services 

C. Meyers - Pro Street T-Bird
Best of the 50s

 Forbes Anderson Press 

Michael Koslovsky - '57 Corvette
Best Open Wheel Competition

 Photo Tec 

Hal Quinn - Don Garlits' Dragster
Best Paint

 Queen City Autobody 

Nathan Meckler - '37 Ford
Best Senior

 Banman Construction 

E. Hanson - '55 Chev Cameo
Best Senior Out of the Box


Michael Koslovsky - '69 SC/Rambler
Best Truck

 For Trucks Only 

Frank Turgeon - Kenworth with Lowbed Trailer
Best Vette

 Rob Wheeler 

Edward Saraka - Sting Ray III

Category winners

Novice Categories
Racing Cars: R. Heagy - Mellow Yellow Stock Car
Cars: D. Schmidt - '93 Firebird
Trucks: C. Thomas - GMC Syclone

Junior Categories
Box Stock: R. Wirtz - '36 Ford
Custom: J. MacLean - '90 Berretta
Master Awards:  Nathan Meckler - FV-10
Muscle Cars: Nathan Meckler - '94 Corvette
Pro Stock: K. Zummak - '49 Ford
Competition: Nathan Meckler - "Dust Buster"
Trucks: J. Ganczan - '94 Jeep
Master Awards: Natahn Meckler - Chev C1500
Motorcycles: Nathan Meckler - Harley Lowrider

Senior Categories 
Open Wheel Competition: Dave Porter - McLaren Indy
Closed Wheel Competition: Dean Ealy - NAS Truck
Master Awards: Dave Porter - Shelby GT-350R
Drag Competition: Hal Quinn - Don Garlits' Dragster
Master Awards: Blair Alderton - '48 Ford Pro Street
Master Awards: Mike Stobbs - '83 Mercedes
Exotics and Foreign: Edward Saraka - Viper GTS
Muscle Car: Hal Quinn - '67 Chevelle
Replica Stock: Blair Alderton - '64 Impala
Master Award: Michael Koslovsky - '69 SC/Rambler
Light Truck: E. Hanson - '55 Cameo
Heavy Truck: Jeremy Meyers - Ford Aero
48-59 Custom: Chad Welta - '40 Ford
Pre 48 Fendered Rod: Nathan Meckler - '36 Ford
Large Scale: N. Hogbin - '57 Chevy
Curbside Street: Mike Strauch - '32 Ford
Curbside Competition: Dave Porter - Porsche 935
Public Service: Michael Koslovsky - '92 Caprice Cab
Motorcycles Competition: Jeremy Meyers - Cup Noodle
Motorcycles Street: Jeremy Meyers - Monkey 50cc
Diorama with One Vehicle: Chad Welta - '56 Ford/Texaco
Diorama with Two or More Vehicles: Ron Lovell - '40 Ford/'32 Ford Tin