Regina Scale Modellers competition
at the Saskatchewan Science Centre's Indoor Airshow 1996

March 9-10, 1996

Saskatchewan Science Centre

2903 Powerhouse Drive

Regina, SK

Plaque winners

Best Intermediate Entry
Jaimie Krienke's Curtiss P-40

Best Adult Entry
Dave Porter's "Dago Red" P-51 Racer

 Best in Show
Marlon Schultz's Lt. Herman Becker's
Fokker Dr.I Triplane 

People's Choice
Jaimie Krienke's
Halifax Bomber crash diorama

Best Diorama
Dave Porter's Fw-190D-9

Category winners

   1. Biplane
     a) 1/72 and smaller
        Greg Putz - Tiger Moth
     b) larger than 1/72
        Marlon Schultz - Fokker Dr.I  1/48 scale
   3.  Single Engine Prop
     a) 1/72 and smaller
        Michael Koslovsky - Bloch MB-152
     b) 1/48
        Int: Jaimie Krienke - P-40B
        Marlon Schultz - Spitfire Mk.Vc
   4. Multi-Prop
     a) 1/72 
        Greg Putz - Lancaster
     b) 1/48
        Kevin Krienke - C-47
     c) Other Scales
        Ron Hofer - Spruce Goose
   5. Small Jet
     a) 1/72
        Greg Putz - CT-133
     b) 1/48
        Michael Koslovsky - Sabre Mk.5J
   6. Large Jet
     a) 1/72
        Greg Putz - CF-101 Voodoo 409Sq.
     b) 1/48
        Dave Schmidt - MiG-29
   8. Airliners
     b) Other Scales
        Gordon MacDonald - Dornier Do-X
   9. Civil, sport and racing, all scales
        Dave Porter - Caudron Racer
   10. Rotary wing, all scales
        Michael Evans - Bell 47
   11.Vacuforms/Conversions/Scratchbuilts (Civil & Military)
        Greg Putz - Digby
   12.Collections (5 or more kits)
        Gord McDonald - Wingstone Cup jet racers
   13. Figures, all scales
        Jay Moffatt - Royal Flying Corps Lt.
   14. Aircraft Dioramas,  all scales
     a) Small composition (single aircraft, no more than 5 figures)
        Int: Jamie Krienke - Crashed Halifax Bomber
        Dave Porter - Fw-190D  1/48 scale
     b) Large Composition 
        Michael Koslovsky - Pacific Corsair
   15. Humour
        Michael Koslovsky - Zero fighter Eggplane
   16. Space
        Ron Hofer - Bachem Natter
   17. Aircraft Components
        Gordon MacDonald - 1/12 scale Wright Cyclone radial engine

Below are some photographs of some of the other entries from the 1996 Indoor Airshow.

(Click on the thumbnail for a larger image)

Cat. 12 1st place
Gord MacDonald's Wingstone Cup jet racer collection

Cat. 17 1st place
Gord MacDonald's Wright Cyclone radial engine

Cat. 4 1st place
Greg Putz's Lancaster (red ribbon)
amongst a few of the other entries
Lyle Frost, aka the Model Doctor, demonstrating the finer points of applying decals