Regina Scale Model Expo 2022

September 16-18, 2022

Saskatchewan Science Centre

2903 Powerhouse Drive (West Entrance)

Regina, SK

Awards and sponsors for Expo 2022

Crystal Awards

 Award  Sponsor  Winner 
Modellers' Choice
Rene Naulaerts
WW1 B-type Bus with Pigeon Coop
People's Choice

Dave Hill
Sopwith Camels

Plaque Awards

Best Junior
(Will Yee Memorial Award)

Builder Awards

 Award  Sponsor  Winner 
Best Auto Straight Outta the Box
Dave Schmidt
Chrysler Atlantic
Best Auto Interior
Wes Braid
'56 Ford Half-ton
Best Auto Paint
(Ed Kereluk Memorial Award)

Wes Braid
'56 Ford Half-ton
Best Auto Engine Detail

559 McDonald St.
Regina, SK S4N 4X1
1-800-667-7211  (306) 721-7211

Jerry Boese
Black Spider Camero
Best Automotive Decaling
Curfew James
'56 Chev Gasser
Best Competition Auto (Open or Closed Wheel)

Jerry Boese
Black Spider Camero
Best Custom Auto

559 McDonald St.
Regina, SK S4N 4X1
1-800-667-7211  (306) 721-7211

Bob Kunkel
1949 Merc
Best Foreign Auto
Best Hot Rod
Dave Schmidt
'32 Ford High-Boy
Best Large Scale Auto

559 McDonald St.
Regina, SK S4N 4X1
1-800-667-7211  (306) 721-7211
Best Muscle Car (1960-1975)
Ted McPherson
'65 Dodge Coronet
Best Replica Street Auto
Wes Braid
1958 Chev 2dr Hardtop
Best Street Auto
Curfew James
'55 Chev Bel Air
Best Truck

559 McDonald St.
Regina, SK S4N 4X1
1-800-667-7211  (306) 721-7211

Wes Braid
'56 Ford Half-ton
Best Motorcycle
Best Aircraft Straight Outta the Box
Colin Kunkel
P-51D Mustang
Best Allied WW2 Aircraft The James Family 
Ryan Cunningham
IL-2 Sturmovik
Best Axis WW2 Aircraft Gene Stacyszyn 
Artem Ladynskyi
Best Military Jet Aircraft

Artem Ladynskyi
Best Military Prop Aircraft The James Family 
Dave Hill
Sopwith Camels
Best Rotary Wing Len Schmidt 
Rene Naulaerts
Bell 47D M.A.S.H.
Best Civilian Aircraft Michael Evans 
Cam Tetrault
"Flock of Old Birds"
Best WW I Aircraft
(Marlon Schultz Memorial Award)
 Gene Stacyszyn 
Dave Hill
Sopwith Camels
Best Armour Straight Outta the Box Ted McPherson 
Colin Kunkel
Airfield 6x6 2½ ton refueller truck
Best Canadian Armour Michael Evans 
Artem Ladynskyi
Sexton II
Best Armour
Rene Naulaerts
SAS Jeep
Best Softskin / Artillery Ted McPherson 
Artem Ladynskyi
Sexton II
Best Scratchbuilt / Conversion Len Schmidt 
Rene Naulaerts
WW1 B-type Bus with Pigeon Coop
Best Weathering / Damage Ted McPherson 
Rene Naulaerts
WW1 B-type Bus with Pigeon Coop
Best Space / Sci-Fi

Vern Gwin
BARC Speeder
Best Diorama or Vignette The James Family 
Rene Naulaerts
WW1 B-type Bus with Pigeon Coop
Best Ship Gene Stacyszyn 
James Lory
Saratoga CV-3
Best Figure Michael Evans 
Jerry Boese

Special & Commemorative Awards

 Award  Sponsor  Winner 
Best Canadian Aircraft
(Brian Findlay Memorial Award)

Colin Kunkel
Spitfire FR Mk.XIV 414 Squadron RCAF
Best Aircraft Carrier Subject
(100th anniversary of the commissioning of the world's first Aircraft Carrier)

Wayne Welker
US Aircraft Carriers
Best Star Wars Subject
(45th Anniversary of the Star Wars franchise)

Vern Gwin
BARC Speeder
Best "Fabulous 50s" Automobile 

Curfew James
'53 Ford Woodie

Category Placings

1) Aircrafta) 1/72 scale prop
1 Artem Ladynskyi Kawanishi N1K1-S Shinden
2 Artem Ladynskyi Heinkel He-111 "Motörhead"
3 Michael Evans Canadair Northstar
1) Aircraftb) 1/72 scale jet
1 Artem Ladynskyi Me-262 Schwalbe
2 Ted McPherson F-86E Sabre
3 Ted McPherson F7U-3 Cutlass
1) Aircraftc) 1/48 scale prop
1 Ryan Cunningham IL-2 Sturmovik
2 Colin Kunkel P-51D Mustang
3 Colin Kunkel P-39 Airacobra
1) Aircraftd) 1/48 scale jet
1 Curfew James Su-7
2 Colin Kunkel CF-18
3 Colin Kunkel F-105
1) Aircrafte) 1/73 scale and smaller
1 Shane Armstrong Nieuport 17
2 Shane Armstrong Fokker Dr.I
3 Michael Evans Lockheed L-1049 Constellation
1) Aircraftf) Rotary wing (all scales)
1 Rene Naulaerts Bell 47D
2 Rene Naulaerts Westland Wessex
1) Aircraftg) Other Scales
1 Michael Evans Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero
2 Michael Evans P-40N Warhawk
3 Michael Evans T-28C Trojan
2) Armoura) 1/72 scale and smaller
1 Al Magnus Renault FT 75BS
2 Rene Naulaerts M4A3 Sherman
3 Al Magnus BL 8in. Mk.VI howitzer
2) Armourb) 1/48 scale
1 Colin Kunkel Airfield 6x6 2½ ton refueller
2 Colin Kunkel USAF Security Humvee
2) Armourc1) 1/32 - 1/35 scale (split - Tracked & Sem-tracked Vehicles)
1 Artem Ladynskyi Sexton II
2 Chris Derksen  Universal Carrier - Saskatoon Light Infantry 
3 Rene Naulaerts British Grant Tank
2) Armourc2) 1/32 - 1/35 scale (split - Wheeled Vehicles)
1 Rene Naulaerts SAS Jeep
2 Rene Naulaerts Jeep with Flamethrower
3 Rene Naulaerts Minerva armoured car
2) Armourd) Other scales No Entries
3) Automotivea) Street 1/24 & 1/25 scale
1 Wes Braid 1958 Chev 2dr Hardtop
2 Dave Schmidt 32 Ford High-Boy
3 Curfew James 53 Ford Woodie
3) Automotiveb) Competition 1/24 & 1/25 scale
1 Jerry Boese Black Spider Camero
2 Curfew James 56 Chev Gasser
3) Automotivec) Show 1/24 & 1/25 scale
1 Bob Kunkel 1949 Merc
2 Dave Schmidt Chrysler Atlantic
3 Curfew James 1955 Chev Bel Air
3) Automotived) Trucks, Small 1/24 & 1/25
1 Wes Braid 56 Ford Half-ton
2 Ted McPherson 1966 Ford F-100 Flareside
3 Ted McPherson 2003 Jeep Wrangler
3) Automotivee) Trucks, Large 1/24 & 1/25
1 Wes Braid Kenworth W900 cement mixer
3) Automotivef) Motorcycles (all scales)No Entries
3) Automotiveg) Other scales
1 Al Magnus Stalinets S-65 tractor
2 Al Magnus Babiole Tracteur Vignoble with trailer
3 Curfew James 1910 B Type Omnibus
4) Ships(all scales)
1 James Lory Saratoga
2 Wayne Welker Shokaku
3 James Lory U-203
5) Sci-Fia) Real Space and RocketsNo Entries
5) Sci-Fib) Sci-Fi/Fantasy
1 Vern Gwin BARC Speeder
2 Colin Kunkel Rebel Y-wing Fighter
3 Colin Kunkel Millennium Falcon
6) Figures(all scales)
1 Dave Schmidt "The Mummy"
2 Jerry Boese Spinosaurus
3 Jerry Boese Terror Dog "Zuul"
7) Dioramasa) Vignette
1 Vern Gwin NVA AAA Gunners
2 Vern Gwin Trio of Troopers
3 Vern Gwin Mortar Crew on the Move
7) Dioramasb1) Diorama (split - Others)
1 Cam Tetrault "Flock of Old Birds"
2 Dave Hill Sopwith Camels
3 Michael Evans "Where's Bubba?"
7) Dioramasb2) Diorama (split - Military Vehicles)
1 Rene Naulaerts WW1 B-type Bus with Pigeon Coop
2 Rene Naulaerts Romfell Austrian Armoured Car
3 Brian Lloyd AEC Dorchester C.V. 4x4
8) Collections(all scales, any subject)
1 Cam Tetrault 1930's Yellow Wings US Biplanes
2 Michael Evans Batman figures
3 Wayne Welker US Aircraft Carriers
9) Miscellaneous(all scales)
1 Dave Schmidt Vickers Machine Gun
2 Chris Derksen Somua Toon Tank
3 Colin Kunkel Snowbird
10) Junior(all scales, all subjects)No Entries

Ted McPherson

Artem Ladynskyi
P-39 Airacobra

Curfew James

Shane Armstrong
Nieuport 17

Rene Naulaerts
Westland Wessex

Michael Evans
A6M2b Zero

Michael Evans
P-40N Warhawk

Al Magnus
Renault FT 75BS

Chris Derksen
Universal Carrier "Saskatoon Light Infantry"

Curfew James
1910 B Type Omnibus

Wes Braid
Kenworth W900 cement mixer

Michael Evans

Dave Schmidt
"The Mummy"

Vern Gwin
Figure vignettes

Michael Evans
Batman figure collection

Dave Schmidt
Vickers Machine Gun

Al Magnus
Stalinets S-65 tractor

Dave Hill (l) receives his People's Choice
from RSM Prez Michael Evans

RSM members (l-r) Ted Upcott, James Lory, Gene Stacyszyn & Dave Schmidt taking a break from the proceedings.

Participant Breakdown:

Contestants: 22
Saskatchewan: Regina: 7, Saskatoon: 7, Moose Jaw: 1, Kinistino: 1, Ft. Qu'Appelle: 1, Punnichy: 1, Tessier: 1, Humboldt: 1, Cudworth: 1
Alberta: Sherwood Park: 1

Total entries: 153