Regina Scale Model Expo 2006

November 3-5, 2006

Saskatchewan Science Centre

2903 Powerhouse Drive (West Entrance),

Regina, SK

Event Sponsorship Awards

Best in ShowCam Barker's LTV-4 Water Buffalo
Modellers' ChoiceRandy Lukian's "Where's Spike?" diorama
People's ChoiceBrian Lloyd's HMCS Snowberry

Major Awards

Best MOPARJeff Turlock's Hemi 'Cuda
Best Pontiac, Cadillac or BuickRandy Lukian's Pontiac Catalina
Best DioramaRandy Lukian's "Where's Spike?"
Best Intermediate EntryMichael Phillips' Mitsubishi Eclipse
Best Junior Entry

William Yee

Joshua Betcher's Mercury Cougar
Best Aircraft PaintJeff Betcher's Fw-190A-3
Best Armour PaintCam Barker's LTV-4 Water Buffalo
Best Automotive PaintLarry Drapers 2006 'Vette
Best Hot Rod PaintEd Kereluk's '37 Ford Coupe
Best CustomEd Kereluk's '59 Chev Impala
Best Figure PaintRon Gall's Bandai Buster Gundam
Best Autommotive DecalingLarry Draper's Xanavi Nissan 350Z
Best Automotive Engine DetailEd Kereluk's '37 Ford Coupe
Best Aircraft CockpitLee David's Me-410
Best Armour InteriorCam Barker's LTV-4 Water Buffalo
Best Automotive InteriorEd Kereluk's '59 Chev Impala
Best Bare Metal Finish

Ted McPherson

Lee David's F-84
Best Scratchbuilt/ConversionAl Magnus' Berliner Helicopter
Best Weathering/Damage

Ted McPherson

Cam Barker's LTV-4 Water Buffalo
Best Military Jet AircraftJoey Stebanuk's F-16
Best Military Prop AircraftJeff Betcher's Fw-190A-3
Best Civilian Aircraft

Brian Miller

Dave Porter's Curtiss Racer
Best Hot RodEd Kereluk's '29 Ford Hot Rod
Best Muscle CarJeff Turlock's Hemi 'Cuda
Best Replica StockJeff Turlock's Shelby GT 500
Best Competitive AutoLarry Draper's Greenwood 'Vette
Best Street AutoLarry Drapers 2006 'Vette
Best Motorcycle

Murray Kish's Honda NSR 500
Best ArmourCam Barker's LTV-4 Water Buffalo
Best Sci-Fi

Len Schmidt

Dave Porter's Star Wars Y-wing
Best Ship

Len Schmidt

Michael Evans' HMCS Kamsack
Best FigureRon Gall's Bandai Buster Gundam
Best Figure VignetteNO ENTRIES
Best Truck

The James Family

Leith James' '50 Chev
Best Rotary Wing

The Magnus Family

Dave Porter's AH-64A Apache
Best UN Peacekeeping Vehicle

Brian Miller's Warrior MCV
Best Large Scale AutoAl Lindemann's '65 'Vette
Best Foreign AutoLeith James' Calsonic Skyline
Best CorvetteLarry Drapers 2006 'Vette
Best Aircraft Straight Out of the Box

The James Family

Joey Stebanuk's F-16
Best Armour Straight Out of the Box

The James Family

Cam Barker's Stru 103C "S" Tank
Best Automotive Straight Out of the Box

Magictan Tanning

Larry Draper's Ferrari F1
Best Royal Air Force Aircraft

Len Schmidt

Dave Porter's Hawker Tempest
Best Luftwaffe/Luftwaffe '46 Aircraft

Dave Porter

Jeff Betcher's Fw-190A-3
Best Canadian ArmourBrian Miller's Achilles

Commemorative Awards

Best Canadian AircraftDave Porter's SE-5A

Category winners

1. Military Biplane (and others that are predominately fabric, strut, and rigging)
b) larger than 1/72:  1st: Siemens Shuckert, Dave Porter
2. Military Single Engine Prop
a) 1/72 and smaller: 1st: P-51D, Murray Kish
b) 1/48: 1st: Fw-190 A-3, Jeff Betcher,
3. Military Multi-engine Prop
a) 1/72 and smaller: 1st: B-17F, Mike Reid
b) 1/48: 1st: Me-410, Lee David
4. Large Scale, 1/35 and larger: 1st: F-16C, Joey Stebanuk
5. Military Single Engine Jet or Rocket
a) 1/72 and smaller: 1st: Me-163 Komet, Al Magnus
b) 1/48: 1st: F-84, Lee David
6. Military Multi-engine Jet or     Rocket
a) 1/72 and smaller: 1st: Mig-25, Dave Porter
b) 1/48: 1st: F-14B, Colin Kunkel
7. Airliners and Civilian Cargo
        a) Less than 1/72: 1st: Spruce Goose, Gene Stacyszyn
8. Civil - sport, stunt, gliding, experimental and racing less than 1/35: 1st: Curtiss Racer, Daved Porter
9. Rotary wing, less than 1/35: 1st: AH-64 Apache, Dave Porter

10. AFVs (through 1945), including tanks, open top AFVs, assault guns and self-propelled guns (1/48 and larger): 
      1st: Wespe, Dave Porter
11. AFVs (post 1945), including tanks, open top AFVs, assault guns and self-propelled guns (1/48 and larger):
      1st: Sturm 103C, Cam Barker
12. Half-tracks and armoured cars (all eras) 1/48 and larger:
      1st:  track Motor Team, Brian Lloyd
13. All other military vehicles (all eras, including jeeps, trucks, motorcycles, etc.) 1/48 and larger:
      1st: LTV-4 Water Buffalo, Cam Barker
14. Artillery, all eras, towed, 1/48 and larger (includes missiles, rockets, and railroad guns (all scales):
      1st: Sig 33 Artillery, Brian Miller
15. Military vehicles, missiles, rockets, etc. (all eras) 1/49 and smaller (except railroad guns - see  Cat.  #14):
      1st: SA-2 Guideline, Al Magnus

16. Replica stock (unmodified body, chassis, factory wheels and drive train, includes conversions) 1/20 and smaller :
         Junior: 1st: Corvette Pace Car, Robert Gall
         Adult: 1st: Shelby GT500, Jeff Turlock
17. Street Modified & Pro Street (1/20 and smaller):
    Junior: 1st: Mercury Cougar, Joshua Betcher
    Intermediate: 1st: Mitsubishi Eclipse, Michael Phillips
   Adult: 1st: 2006 Corvette, Larry Draper
18. Competition, open wheel (1/20 and smaller)
	18a:Road or Oval: 1st: Honda F1, Jeff Turlock
	18b: Drag: 1st: Black Widow Bantam, Larry Draper
19. Competition, closed wheel (1/20 and smaller)
	19a: Straight Line (Drag & Bonneville): 1st: Dodge Colt Dragster, William Yee
	19-b: Road Race: 1st: Greenwood Vette, Larry Draper
	19c: Stock Car: 1st: Kraft Taurus, Ron Gall
20. Custom and Show cars  (1/20 and smaller) 1st: '59 Chev, Ed Kereluk
21. Street Rods (1/20 and smaller) 1st: '37 Ford Coupe, Ed Kereluk,
22. Public Service Vehicles (e.g. taxis, police, fire, utility, tow trucks, etc.) (1/20 and smaller)
      1st: LaFrance Fire Truck, Mike Strauch
23. Light trucks (1/20 and smaller) 1st: '50 Chev, Leith James
25. Motorcycles, all scales: 1st: Honda NSR500, Murray Kish
26. Large scales (1/19 and larger): 1st: '65 Vette, All Lindemann
27. Muscle Cars 1960-1975 (1/20 and smaller): 1st: Hemi Cuda, Jeff Turlock

29. Film and TV spacecraft and vehicles (kits and scratchbuilts): Junior: 1st: Tie Fighter, Nathan Betcher
                                                                  Adult: 1st: Star Wars Y-Wing, Dave Porter
30. Fiction/Fantasy spacecraft and vehicles (kits and scratchbuilts): 1st: Post WW3 '58 Chevy  Track, Ron Gall

32. Powered (surface): b) 1/400 and larger: 1st: RCN Flower Class Corvette, Michael Evans,
33. Submarines: b)1/400 and larger: 1st: Type VIIC U-boat, Michael Evans

34. Military, all scales: 1st: British Motorcycle Despatch Rider, Brian Miller
36. Sci-Fi/Fantasy, all scales: 1st: Bandai Buster Gundam, Ron Gall

39. Aircraft
	a) Small composition (single aircraft), all scales: 1st: Mirage III, Randy Lukian
40. Military vehicles
	a) Small composition (single vehicle) 1/48 and larger: 1st: M26, Cam Barker
	b) Large composition (2 or more vehicles) 1/48 and larger: 1st: Eastern front Diorama , Michael Evans
41. Civilian Automotive: 1st: "Where's Spike", Randy Lukian
44. Miscellaneous dioramas- 1st: Apollo Command Module & Lander, Randy Lukian


45. Collections (5 or more), all scales: 1st: US Design Series - Missiles, Rockets & Drones, Al Magnus
46. Miscellaneous: Anything that does not fit in any other category: - 1st: Frankie's Fliver, Dave Kapp

The number of Contestants = 38
Contestants by location:

  • Regina (28)
  • Fort Qu'Appelle (2)
  • Prince Albert (1)
  • Saskatoon (4)
  • Calgary (1)
  • Edmonton (2)
Total number of models entered = 192
Entries by Category type:
  • Aircraft = 49
  • Armour = 25
  • Automotive = 98
  • Space/Sci-Fi = 3
  • Ships = 6
  • Figures = 3
  • Dioramas = 12
  • Miscellaneous = 2

Photographs of some of the entries

Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image

Lee David - Me-410 Best Aircraft Cockpit Larry Draper -  Xanavi Nissan 350Z Best Auto Decaling Ed Kereluk - 37 Ford Coupe Best Hot Rod Paint Best Auto Engine Detail Larry Draper - Ferrari F1 Best Auto SOB Dave Porter - SE-5A Best Canadian Aircraft Dave Porter - Curtiss Racer Best Civilian Aircraft Brian Miller -  Achilles Best Canadian Armour Ed Kereluk - 59 Impala Best Custom Best Auto Interior Ron Gall - Bandai Buster Gundam Best Figure Paint Ed Kereluk - 29 Ford Hot Rod Best Hot Rod Joshua Betcher - Mercury Cougar Best Junior Allen Lindemann - 65 Vette Best Large Scale Auto Michael Phillips - Mitsubishi Eclipse Best Intermediate Jeff Betcher - Fw-190A-3 Best Luftwaffe Best Singel engine Prop Best Aircraft Paint Dave Porter - Hawker Tempest Best RAF Aircraft Dave Porter - Y wing Best Sci-Fi Al Magnus - Berliner Helicopter Best Scratchbuilt/Conversion Michael Evans - HMCS Kamsack Best Ship Larry DRaper - 2006 Vette Best Corvette Best Auto Paint Best Street Auto Brian Miller - Warrior MCV Best UN Peacekeeping Vehicle