Regina Scale Model Expo 2003

September 27-28, 2003

Saskatchewan Science Centre

2903 Powerhouse Drive
Regina, SK
Phone: (306) 522-4629

Crystal Awards

Best in Show
Cam Tetrault's Dr. Jones
Best DioramaJayme Benson's FAMO & Wespe diorama
Best Adult Entry
Cam Tetrault's Dr. Jones
Best Intermediate EntryCorey Singbeil's Panther G
Best Junior EntryConnor Monkhouse's Black Orc Command
Modellers' ChoiceBarry Novak's "Battle of Al Haniyah" diorama
Peoples' ChoiceKevin Krienke's USS Enterprise

Builders' Awards

Best Automotive Paint
Nathan Meckler's '59 VW
Best Hot Rod PaintEd Kereluk's '41 Ford
Best Automotive Engine DetailRon CzemeresEd Kereluk's '41 Ford
Best Automotive InteriorRon CzemeresEd Kereluk's '41 Ford
Best Automotive DecalingRoy UrsanLarry Draper's Mercedes Benz
Best Aircraft PaintTim MawDave Porter's Fw 190F-8
Best Aircraft CockpitDave Porter's Fw 190F-8
Best Open Class DecalingDave Porter's Hetzer
Best Open Class PaintDave Porter's Bismarck
Best Figure Paint
Cam Tetrault's Dr. Jones
Best Metal FinishVern Gwin's F-101A Voodoo
Best Canadian Military Aircraft
Joey Stebanuk's RCAF Mustang
Best Scratchbuilt or ConversionWilliam Yee's '34 Dodge Coupe
Best Weathering and/or DamageRob WheelerMervin Rempel's CH-118 Iroquois
Best Base / Groundwork / WaterJayme Benson's FAMO & Wespe diorama
Best Canadian Military Vehicle
Bruce Goff's Archer 17pdr SP Gun

Commemorative Awards

Best Corvette (50th Anniversary)
Nathan Meckler's '53 Vette
Best Ford (100th Anniversary)Ed Kereluk's '41 Ford
Best Buick (100th Anniversary)Larry Draper's '70 Buick GSX
Snoopy Award (Best WW1 Aircraft)Len SchmidtDave Porter's Russian Nieuport 17
Brian Findlay Memorial Award (Best Canadian Aircraft)
Joey Stebanuk's RCAF Mustang
Best Lancaster (60th Anniversary Dambusters Raid)Dave PorterVern Gwin's RCAF Lancaster
Best Dodge/Mopar
William Yee's '34 DeSoto Airflow XO/GALT
Scale Modellers Association of Saskatoon AwardDave Porter's Mig-21

Major Awards

Best Non-Adult AircraftNo Entries
Best Adult Jet Aircraft (Single Engine)Dave Porter's Mig-21
Best Adult Jet Aircraft (Multi Engine)
Joey Stebanuk's Su-27B Flanker
Best Adult Prop Aircraft (Single Engine)Dave Porter's Pitts "Bulldog"
Best Adult Prop Aircraft (Multi Engine)Vern Gwin's RCAF Lancaster
Best Civilian AircraftDave Porter's Pitts "Bulldog"
Best Rotary WingThe Magnus FamilyColin Kunkel's CH-118 Iroquois
Best Junior AutomotiveJarvis Stobbs' '69 Vette
Best Intermediate AutomotiveJonothan Paul's '69 Dodge Superbee
Best Adult Street Auto
Nathan Meckler's '59 VW
Best Adult Competitive Auto
William Yee's '34 DeSoto Airflow XO/GALT
Best Hot Rod (Pre 1948)Ed Kereluk's '41 Ford
Best Custom (Post 1948)Ed Kereluk's '53 Studebaker
Best Muscle Car (1960-1975)The Draper FamilyNathan Meckler's Camaro
Best Replica StockThe Draper FamilyLarry Draper's '68 Vette
Best NascarThe Draper FamilyRon Gall's Pfizer Winston Cup
Best Non-Adult TruckEd KerelukNo Entries
Best Adult Truck
Best Non-Adult ArmourCorey Singbeil's Panther G
Best Adult ArmourBarry Novak's M4A3 105mm Howitzer
Best Non-Adult Sci-FiKyle Stevens' Leman Russ Tank
Best Adult Sci-FiDave Porter's Destroid Defender
Best Military or Civilian Figure
Cam Tetrault's Dr. Jones
Best Sci-Fi Fantasy FigureBrian Miller
Cam Tetrault's Dr. Jones
Best Figure VignetteBruce Goff's 101st Airborne (Bastogne 1944)
Best Aircraft DioramaMike Evans' B-17G
Best Armour DioramaJayme Benson's FAMO & Wespe diorama
Best Open Class DioramaRon Gall's Dodge Charger Daytona derelect
Best ShipDave Porter's Bismarck
Best CollectionColin Kunkel's CF-18's
Best Aircraft - Straight outta the BoxRob Wheeler
Al Magnus' Bf 109G-6
Best Armour - Straight outta the BoxBruce Goff's Dragon Wagon
Best Automotive - Straight outta the BoxLarry Draper's Mercedes Benz
Best Open Class - Straight outta the BoxAlison Kapp's Mama B.
Best ChevyNathan Meckler's Camaro
Best MotorcycleDave Kapp's "Evil Iron"
Best Jeep - Civilian or MilitaryBruce Goff's Willys MB

Category winners

1. Military Biplane (and others that are predominately fabric, strut, and rigging)
a) larger than 1/72
Dave Porter - Nieuport 17
2. Military Single Engine Prop
a) 1/72 and smaller
Macchi MC-200 Saetta
b) 1/48
Dave Porter - Fw-190F-8
3. Military Multi-Prop
a) 1/72 and smaller
Al Magnus - He-219A
b) 1/48
Vern Gwin - CAF Lancaster
4. Military Prop, 1/32
Joey Stebanuk - Bf-109G-4
5. Military Single Engine Jet
a) 1/72 and smaller
Cam Tetrault - T-33 Red Knight
b) 1/48
Dave Porter - Mig-21
6. Military Multi-engine Jet
a) 1/72
Ron Gall - A-10
b) 1/48
Joey Stebanuk - Su-27B Flanker
7. Military Jets, 1/32
Cam Tetrault - Bell X-1
8. Airliners
b) All other scales
Cam Tetrault - Handley Page 42 "Heracles"
9. Civil, sport and racing, all scales
Dave Porter - Pitts "Bull Dog"
10. Rotary wing, all scales
Al Magnus - Hiller XROE-1

11. AFV's (through 1945), including tanks, open top AFV's, assault guns and self-propelled guns (1/48 and larger)
Int: Corey Singbeil  - Panther G Steel Wheel
Barry Novak - M4A3 105mm Howitzer
12. AFV's (post 1945), including tanks, open top AFV's, assault guns and self-propelled guns (1/48 and larger)
Barry Novak - Panzerhaubitze 2000
13. Armoured half-tracks and armoured cars (all eras) 1/48 and larger
Brian Miller - BRDM-2
14. Soft skinned military vehicles (all eras including jeeps, trucks, un-armoured half-tracks and motorcycles) 1/48 and larger
(Tie) Bruce Goff - Dragon Wagon
         Bruce Goff - DUKW
15. Artillery, all eras, towed (includes missiles 1/48 and larger and all scales of railroad guns)
Int: Corey Singbeil - 75mm AT Gun
Bob Aaberg - 60cm Karl Morser 
16. Military vehicles (all eras) 1/49 and smaller
a) fully tracked
Entry #492 - No info available

17. Replica stock (unmodified body, chassis, factory wheels and drive train, includes conversions) 1/20 and smaller
Int: Entry #61No info available
Larry Draper - '68 Vette
18. Street Modified & Pro Street (1/20 and smaller)
Jnr: Jarvis Stobbs - '69 Vette
Int: Jonathan Paul - '69 Dodge Superbee
Nathan Meckler - '66 VW Bug
19. Competition, open wheel (1/20 and smaller)
a) Road or Oval
William Yee - '34 Dodge Coupe
20. Competition, closed wheel (1/20 and smaller)
a) Straight Line (Drag & Bonneville)
William Yee - '34 DeSoto Airflow XO/GALT
b) Road Race
Larry Draper - Mercedes Benz CLK DTM 2000
c) Stock Car
Larry Draper - "God Bless America" stock car
21. Custom and Show cars (1/20 and smaller)
Ed Kereluk - '53 Studebaker Custom
22A. Street Rods 1/20 and smaller
Ed Kereluk - '41 Ford Convertible
25A. Light trucks 1/20 and smaller
Entry #790 - no info available
26A. Heavy trucks 1/20 and smaller
Entry #812 - No info available
27. Motorcycles, all scales
Dave Kapp - "Evil Iron"
28. Large scales (1/19 and larger)
Richard Abday - 1910 Ford MT

29. Real spacecraft and vehicles (kits and scratchbuilts)
Richard Abday - Space Shuttle
30. Film and TV spacecraft and vehicles (kits and scratchbuilts)
Dave Porter - Macross Destroid Defender
31. Fiction/Fantasy spacecraft and vehicles (kits and scratchbuilts)
Int: Kyle Stevens - Ieman Russ Tank

33. Powered (surface) 
b) 1/400 and larger
Dave Porter - Bismarck
34. Submarines
b) 1/400 and larger
Cam Tetrault - VIIC U-boat

38A. Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Large scales
Cam Tetrault - Dr. Jones
39. Gaming pieces
Jnr: Connor Monkhouse - Black Orc Command 
John Kapp - The All Father of the World Eaters

41. Aircraft 
a) Small composition (single aircraft, no more than 5 figures) all scales
Mark Langlais - Vulcan Bomber
b) Large composition (2 or more aircraft, and/or more than 5 figures) all scales
Michael Evans - B-17G Diorama
42. Military vehicles
a) Small composition (single vehicle, no more than 5 figures) 1/48 and larger
Barry Novak - Hue City 1968
b) Large composition (2 or more vehicles, and/or more than 5 figures) 1/48 and larger
Jayme Benson - Tamiya FAMO & Wespe
43A. Automobiles (Cars)
Ron Gall - Dodge Charger Daytona
44A. Figures (Vignette: 5 or fewer figures)
Bruce Goff - US 101st Airborne Bastogne 1944

47. Humour (all inclusive)
Michael Evans - Mr. Gumby
48. Best Canadian Subject: Any subject that has a specifically Canadian connotation
Brian Miller - Crusader III with Mk.2 AA Turret
49. Collections (5 or more), all scales
Colin Kunkel - 410 Cougar Sq CF-18's
50. Miscellaneous: Anything that does not fit in any other category
Mervin Rempel - John Deere 4430 
51. Team / Family Entries (all types)
Noah & Aubrey Steadman - Eastern Front Diorama

52. Vacuforms, Conversions, and Scratchbuilts (Civil & Military)
a) 1/49 and smaller
Al Magnus - McDonnell XH-20
b) 1/48 to 1/33 inclusive
Bruce Goff - Achilles M-10 17pdr

Brian Miller's Canadian Leopard C1

Photos of the winners

Dave Porter (left) accepting the SMAS Award
RSM Vice-President Larry Draper (left) presenting
Corey Singbeil with the Best Intermediate Award