Regina Scale Model Expo 2002

Best Open Class - Straight out of the BoxDave Kapp - Harley Chopper
Best Open Class DecalingJoey Stebanuk - A-4E Skyhawk
Best Open Class DioramaEmerson Ziffle - Merlin meets the Merry Men
Best Open Class PaintKen Girling - Parasaurolophus
Best Adult ArmourRyan Cunningham - KV-1C
Best Adult Competitive AutoDave Porter - Porsche 917K
Best Adult EntryLarry Draper - Ferrari F189
Best Adult Heavy TruckFrank Turgeon - Livestock Hauler
Best Adult Jet Aircraft (Multi Engine)Vern Gwin - RF-101C Voodoo
Best Adult Jet Aircraft (Single Engine)Dave Porter - Ta-183
Best Adult Light TruckRichard Abday - '37 Ford Pickup
Best Adult Prop Aircraft (Multi Engine)Joey Stebanuk - Japanese Dinah
Best Adult Prop Aircraft (Single Engine)Brian Thomson - Ju-87B Stuka
Best Adult Sci/FiDave Porter - Star Wars Tie Fighters
Best Adult Street AutoMike Stobbs - '65 Chev Impala
Best Aircraft - Straight out of the BoxAl Magnus - Me-262B-1a/U1 Nightfighter
Best Aircraft CockpitBrian Thomson - Ju-87B Stuka
Best Aircraft DioramaCam Tetrault - The Barnstormer
Best Aircraft PaintBrian Thomson - Ju-87B Stuka
Best Armour - Straight out of the BoxBrian Miller - Humber Scout Car
Best Armour DioramaBruce Goff - Sherman Vc Firefly
Best Armour InteriorKevin Krienke - FAMO with Trailer
Best Armour PaintDave Porter - Tiger I
Best Automotive - Straight out of the BoxLarry Draper - Porsche 911 GT2
Best Automotive DecalingEd Kereluk - 1929 Ford Pickup ALA Kart
Best Automotive Engine DetailLarry Draper - Ferrari F189
Best Automotive InteriorWilliam Yee - G/EA NHRA Altered
Best Automotive PaintEd Kereluk - '34 Ford Coupe
Best Camaro SubjectLarry Draper - Camaro SS
Best Civilian AircraftDave Porter - Sea Fury - Critical Mass
Best CollectionDave Porter - Luftwaffe '46
Best Corvette SubjectRichard Upcott - 2001 Corvette Z06
Best Dieppe Raid SubjectBrian Miller - German Naval Troops & Daimler Mk.II Scout Car
Best DioramaCam Tetrault - The Barnstormer
Best Dodge/MOPAR SubjectJonatahan Paul - '80 Dodge D-50
Best Famous Planes SubjectDave Schmidt - Fokker Dr.I Red Baron
Best Figure PaintEmerson Ziffle - Emissary Fabian
Best Figure VignetteEmerson Ziffle - Merlin meets the Merry Men
Best in ShowBrian Thomson - Ju-87B Stuka
Best Intermediate AutomotiveJonatahan Paul - '80 Dodge D-50
Best Intermediate EntryEmerson Ziffle - Merlin meets the Merry Men
Best Junior AutomotiveJarvis Stobbs - '69 Z-28 Camaro
Best Junior EntryJarvis Stobbs - '69 Z-28 Camaro
Best Metal FinishFrank Turgeon - P-51B Mustang
Best Military or Civilian FigureCam Barker - German General
Best Non-Adult AircraftSean Cunningham - F-18
Best Non-Adult ArmourChris Martin - Panzerkampfwagen IV with Troops
Best Non-Adult Sci/FiEmerson Ziffle - Imperial Gothic Cruiser
Best Non-Adult TruckJonatahan Paul - '80 Dodge D-50
Best Rotary WingAl Magnus - Bensen X-25B
Best Sci/Fi Fantasy FigureEmerson Ziffle - Emissary Fabian
Best Scratchbuilt or ConversionVern Gwin - F-106B Delta Dart
Best ShipRichard Abday - Cutty Sark
Best Weathering and/or DamageKevin Krienke - FAMO with Trailer
Brian Findlay Memorial Award (Best Canadian Aircraft)Al Magnus - Typhoon Ib
Modellers' ChoiceCam Tetrault - The Barnstormer
Peoples' Choice(tie) Cam Tetrault - The Barnstormer
Cam Tetrault & Shane Armstrong - Air Show Diorama
Saskatoon Modeller's ChoiceDave Porter - Ta-152
Snoopy Award (Best WW1 Aircraft)Marlon Schultz - Fokker Dr.I Lothar von Richtofen

Category winners

1. Biplane (and others that are predominately fabric, strut, and rigging)
a) 1/72 and smaller
Cam Tetrault - Polikarpov I-15
b) larger than 1/72
Marlon Schultz - Fokker Dr.I
2. Single Engine Prop
a) 1/72 and smaller
Al Magnus - Academy Typhoon Ib
b) 1/48
Brian Thomson - Ju-87B Stuka
3. Military Multi-Prop
a) 1/72 and smaller
Al Magnus - AMT Ju-88G-6 Nightfighter
b) 1/48
Joey Stebanuk - Japanese Dinah
4. Military Prop, 1/32 scale
Cam Tetrault - Mosquito Bomber
5. Military Single Engine Jet
a) 1/72 and smaller
Al Magnus - Dragon MiG-15bis
b) 1/48
Dave Porter - Ta-183
6. Military Multi-engine Jet
a) 1/72
Al Magnus - Hasegawa Me-262B-1A/U1 Nightfighter
b) 1/48
Vern Gwin - RF-101 Voodoo
7. Jets, 1/32 scale
Colin Kunkel - F-16C
8. Airliners
b) All other scales
Greg Putz - WestJet 737-700
10. Rotary wing, all scales
Al Magnus - Bensen X-25B

11. AFV's (through 1945), including tanks, open top AFV's, assault guns and self-propelled guns (1/48 and larger)
Ryan Cunningham - KV-1C
12. AFV's (post 1945), including tanks, open top AFV's, assault guns and self-propelled guns (1/48 and larger)
Cam Barker - M26 Dragon
13. Armoured half-tracks and armoured cars (all eras) 1/48 and larger
Brian Miller - Humber Scout Car
14. Soft skinned military vehicles (all eras including jeeps, trucks, un-armoured half-tracks and motorcycles) 1/48 and larger
Kevin Krienke - FAMO with Trailer
15. Artillery, all eras, towed (includes missiles 1/48 and larger and all scales of railroad guns)
Robert Aaberg - V-2
16. Military vehicles (all eras) 1/49 and smaller
a) all other types, plus artillery 
Al Magnus - Academy 1/72 scale Jeep

17. Replica stock (unmodified body, chassis, factory wheels and drive train, includes conversions) 1/20 and smaller
Jnr: Jarvis Stobbs - '69 Camaro
Richard Abday - '57 Ford Hard Top
18. Street Modified & Pro Street (1/20 and smaller)
Mike Stobbs - '65 Impala
19. Competition, open wheel (1/20 and smaller)
a) Road or Oval
Larry Draper - Ferrari F189
b) Drag
William Yee - G/EA NHRA Altered
20. Competition, closed wheel (1/20 and smaller)
a) Road Race
Dave Porter - Porsche 917K
b) Drag
Int: Jonathan Paul - '80 Dodge D-50
Ron Gall - Camaro Pro Mod
21. Custom and Show cars (1/20 and smaller)
Ed Kereluk - 1929 Ford Pickup "ALA Kart"
22A. Street Rods 1/20 and smaller
Mike Strauch - '47 Chev Van Delivery
25A. Light trucks 1/20 and smaller
Richard Abday - Carolina Pottery Puller
26A. Heavy trucks 1/20 and smaller
Frank Turgeon - Kenworth Tractor and converted Lowbed trailer
27. Motorcycles, all scales
Dave Kapp - Harley Chopper
28. Large scales (1/19 and larger)
Ed Kereluk - '34 Ford Coupe

29. Film and TV Spacecraft and Vehicles (kits and scratchbuilts)
Jnr: Nathan Magnus - Star Wars Republic Cruiser
Dave Porter - Star Wars Tie Fighters
31. Fiction/Fantasy Spacecraft and Vehicles (kits and scratchbuilt)
Int: Emerson Ziffle - Imperial Gothic Cruiser

32. Sail Powered, all scales
Richard Abday - Cutty Sark
33B. Powered (surface) 1/400 and larger
Leith James - Titanic

36. Military, on foot, all scales
Cam Barker - German General
38A. Sci-Fi/Fantasy
a) Large Scale
Ken Girling - "The Mummy"
b) Medium Scale
Int: Emerson Ziffle - Emissary Farion
c) Small Scale
Int: Emerson Ziffle - The Puppetmaster
39. Gaming pieces
Int: John Kapp - Wordbearer Chaos Lord
John Kapp - Chaos Champion of Khorne 
40. Dinosaurs
Ken Girling - Parasaurolophus

41. Aircraft 
a) Small composition (single aircraft, no more than 5 figures) all scales
Cam Tetrault - "The Barnstormer"
42. Military vehicles
a) Small composition (single vehicle, no more than 5 figures) 1/48 and larger
Bruce Goff - Sherman Vc Firefly
b) Large composition (2 or more vehicles, and/or more than 5 figures) 1/48 and larger
Bruce Goff - Mk.II Bren and 18lb Gun
c) Military Vehicles, All Military Vehicles, 1/49 and smaller
Jnr: Chris Martin - Panzerkampfwagen IV with Troops
44. Figures
a) Vignettes (5 or fewer figures)
Brian Miller - German Naval Troops - Dieppe

48. Best Canadian Subject (all inclusive)
Brian Miller - M3A1 Scout Car
49. Collections (5 or more), all scales
Dave Porter - Luftwaffe '46
50. Miscellaneous
Jnr: unknown - Ant
Joseph Yu Yu Kwan - Edo Castle

51. Conversions, Scratchbuilts and Other Media
a) 1/49 and smaller
Al Magnus - NASA Paresev
b) 1/48-1/33 inclusive
Vern Gwin - F-106B Delta Dart
54. Team/Family Entries
Cam Tetrault/Shane Armstrong - Air Museum Diorama
55. Scratchbuilt Figures
Int: Emerson Ziffle - Eiziekyal - The Beastlord Minion 

Photographs of some of the entries

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Jarvis Stobbs - 1969 Z-28 Camaro Dave Porter - Critical Mass Sea Fury Dave Schmidt - Fokker Dr.I Red Baron Larry Draper - Ferrari F189 Frank Turgeon - P-51B Mustang Chris Martin - PzKfw IV and Troops diorama Frank Turgeon - Livestock Hauler Dave Kapp - Harley Chopper Emerson Ziffle - Emissary Fabian Emerson Ziffle - Imperial Gothic Cruiser Kevin Krienke - FAMO pt. 1 Kevin Krienke - FAMO pt.2 Kevin Krienke - FAMO pt.3

The Winners...

Dave Porter (right) receiving Saskatoon's Choice plaque
from Colin Kunkel

Cam Tetrault (right) receiving Best Diorama crystal
from RSM president Dave Kapp

Brian Thomson (right) receiving Best in Show crystal
from RSM president Dave Kapp

Cam Tetrault & Shane Armstrong (right) receiving People's Choice crystal
from RSM president Dave Kapp

Emerson Ziffle (right) receiving his crystal award
from RSM president Dave Kapp

Larry Draper (right) receiving Best Adult Entry crystal
from RSM president Dave Kapp

And You Don't want to Ask...

Mike Stobbs (left) and Dave Kapp checking out something yummy in the shrubbery...