Regina Scale Model Expo 1998

November 6-8, 1998

CBC Broadcast Centre

2440 Broad Street,
Regina, SK S4P 3Z4

Event Sponsorship Awards

Best in ShowPrecision Machine WorksEd Kereluk's '39 Phantom Roadster
Best DioramaPorter Property ManagementDave Porter's Panther Diorama
Best Adult EntryMajestics Car ClubVern Gwin's 1/32 scale Scratch-built C-47
Best Intermediate EntryALFA EngineeringAbby Daene's Roman Warship
Best Junior EntryBarker's TrophiesEd Kapp's '69 Dodge Dart
Modelers ChoiceHobbyworldVern Gwin's 1/32 scale Scratch-built C-47
People's ChoiceBook & Brier PatchVern Gwin's 1/32 scale Scratch-built C-47

Builders Awards

Best Automotive PaintFrame & WheelEd Kereluk's '39 Phantom Roadster
Best Military PaintArmstead ElectricGord Arnold's T-26 Pershing Tank
Best Figure PaintingThe Sandwich TreeWes Long's Predator 2
Best DecalingDave PorterMarlon Schultz's Fokker D-VII
Best Engine DetailMisha KoslovskyHal Quinn's Chev 454 Pickup
Best Aircraft CockpitTim MawSteve Kurll's P-51B Mustang
Best Armour InteriorRyan Cunningham's Sdkfz 251/8 Halftrack
Best Auto InteriorJay MoffatEd Kereluk's '39 Phantom Roadster
Best MultimediaCalico CraftsVern Gwin's 1/32 scale Scratch-built C-47
Best ScratchbuiltFrank TurgeonVern Gwin's 1/32 scale Scratch-built C-47
Best Weathering/DamageMichael EvansMark Menge's KS750 Motorcycle
Best OrdinanceKelly Wionzek's Short Bomber
Best UndercarriageLarry DraperVern Gwin's 1/32 scale Scratch-built C-47
Best Metal FinishWheatland RoofingCam Tetrault's C-5 Canadair VIP Plane
Best RiggingKelly Wionzek's Short Bomber
Best Base/Groundwork/WaterQueen City RadiatorGord Arnold's T-26 Pershing Tank
Best ConversionButcher Boy MeatsEd Kereluk's '39 Phantom Roadster
Best Figure ConversionNo Entries

Major Awards

Best Non-Adult AircraftTumblersMark Talbot's He-123
Best Aircraft DioramaJesse Krienke#100
Best Adult Jet AircraftJoey's Only Seafood#357
Best Adult Prop AircraftP.C. PlaceVern Gwin's 1/32 scale Scratch-built C-47
Best Junior AutomotivePrecision Machine WorksEd Kapp's '69 Dodge Dart
Best Intermediate AutomotiveVicky's CafeNo Entries
Best Adult Competitive AutomotiveLee DavidDave Porter's Corvette Grand Sport
Best Adult Street AutoTumblersHal Quinn's '72 Chev Pickup
Best Adult ArmourP.C. PlaceRyan Cunningham's JS-III Tank
Best Non-Adult ArmourLee DavidMark Talbot's Churchill Tank Diorama
Best Non-Adult Sci-FiJamie KrienkeBryan Evans' Batmobile
Best Adult Sci-FiJoey's Only SeafoodDave Porter's Klingon Bird of Prey
Best ShipJoey's Only SeafoodSteve Kurll's USS Grouper Submarine
Best Military FigureVicky's CafeCam Tetrault's Samurai Figure
Best Civilian FigureDave Porter's Belly Dancer
Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy FigureQueen City RadiatorWes Long's Predator 2
Best Armour DioramaKevin KrienkeDave Porter's Panther Diorama
Best Automotive DioramaVicky's CafeMichael Evans' Ford Pickup Diorama
Best Sci-Fi DioramaNo Entries
Best Figure VignetteRoger Daene's Military Vignette
Best HumourQueen City RadiatorMark Menge's Human Skull
Best Non-Adult TruckPrecision Machine WorksJonathon Paul's White Freightliner
Best Adult Light TruckPrecision Machine WorksMike Stobb's '64 Chev Truck
Best Adult Heavy TruckTumblersFrank Turgeon's Cattle Liner
Best Civilian AircraftLee DavidFrank Turgeon's Miss America Racer
Best Rotary WingP.C. PlaceNo Entries
Best CollectionQueen City RadiatorRalph Homuth's Collection of Harleys
Best Aircraft Straight Out of the BoxIPMS EdmontonDave Porter's F4-E Phantom
Best Armour Straight Out of the BoxVern Gwin's V-1 Flying Bomb
Best Automotive Straight Out of the BoxIPMS EdmontonEd Kereluk's '57 Chevy

Commemorative Awards

Best RCMP SubjectRCMP Veteran's AssociationDave Porter's RCMP Norseman
Best World War I SubjectLen SchmidtMarlon Schultz's Fokker Dr-I
Best NASA SubjectHertz BusDave Porter's Saturn V Rocket
Best Canadian AircraftRoland Groome Chapter - Canadian Aeronautical History SocietyCam Tetrault's C-5 Canadair VIP Plane

Category winners

1. Biplane (and others that are predominately fabric, strut, and rigging)
a) 1/72 and smaller
Kelly Wionzek - Albatros W-4
b) larger than 1/72
Jnr: Bryan Evans - Fokker Dr.I
Marlon Schultz - Fokker Dr.I  1/48 scale
2. Single Engine Prop
b) 1/48
unknown - P-47N Thunderbolt
3. Multi-Engine Prop
a) 1/72 and smaller
Cam Tetrault - Canadair C-5 VIP plane
b) 1/48
Jnr: Mark Talbot - He-123
Lyle Frost - Messerschmitt Bf-110G-4
4. Single and Multi-engine Prop, 1/32
Steve Curll - P-51B Mustang
5. Small Jet Single Engine
a) 1/72 and smaller
unknown - F9F-8 Cougar
b) 1/48
Lyle Frost - Hawker Hunter
6. Large Jet Multi-engine
a) 1/72 and smaller
Jeff Klassen - Su-37 Flanker
b) 1/48
Dave Porter - F-4E Phantom
7. Jets, 1/32
unknown - Messerschmitt Me-262
9A. Gliders, all scales
Kevin Krienke - Me-321
11.Vacuuforms/Conversions/Scratchbuilts (Civil & Military)
a) 1/72 and smaller
Kelly Wionzek - Short Bomber
c) 1/32
Vern Gwin - C-47
12. Collections
Lyle Frost - Messerschmitt Bf-109Es and Fs

14. Closed Top AFV's (through 1945, including tanks, assault guns and self-propelled guns (1/48 and larger)
Mark Menge - Cromwell Mk.IV
15. Closed Top AFV's (post 1945, including tanks, assault guns and self-propelled guns (1/48 and larger)
Ryan Cunningham - JS-III
16. Armoured half-tracks and armoured cars (all eras) 1/48 and larger
Ryan Cunningham - Sdkfz251/8
17. Soft skinned military vehicles (all eras including jeeps, trucks, un-armoured half-tracks and motorcycles) 1/48 and larger
Mark Menge - Zundapp KS750 motorcycle
18. Artillery, all eras, towed (includes missiles 1/48 and larger and all scales of railroad guns)
Mark Menge - M102 105mm howitzer 
19. Conversions/Scratchbuilts
1/48 and larger
Robert Aaberg - 88mm Flak Panzer

21. Replica stock (unmodified body, chassis and drive-train except for tires and wheels, includes conversions) 1/20 and smaller
Jnr: Ed Kapp - '69 Dodge Dart
Dave Schmidt - '69 GTO
22. Street Modified 
Hal Quinn - '67 Chev Impala
23. Competition, open wheel (1/20 and smaller)
a) Road or Oval
Dave Porter - RA-272 Honda
b) Drag
Larry Draper - Top Fuel dragster
24. Competition, closed wheel (1/20 and smaller)
a) Road Race
Dave Porter - Corvette Grand Sport
b) Drag
William Yee - '68 VW Beetle drag car
25. Custom and Show cars (1/20 and smaller)
Nathan Meckler - VW Beetle
26. Street Rods (1/20 and smaller)
Ed Kereluk - '39 Phantom Roadster
27. Pro/Street, 1/20 and smaller
Mike Stobbs - '64 Chev Truck
28. Public Service Cars and Trucks (e.g. taxis, police, fire, utility, tow trucks etc.), 1/20 and smaller
Dean Ealy  - Ambulance
29. Light Trucks
Hal Quinn - '72 Chev 454 Pickup
30. Heavy trucks 1/20 and smaller
Jnr: Jonathan Paul - White Freightliner
Frank Turgeon - GMC Tractor and Cattle Liner
31. Motorcycles, all scales
Joseph Yu Yu Kwan - 191A Harley
32. Large scales (1/19 and larger)
Richard Abday - '57 Chevy Coupe
33. Metal, Resin or Plastic smaller than 1/32
Dean Ealy - Dodge Durango
34. Real spacecraft and vehicles
Dave Porter - Saturn V
35. Film and TV spacecraft and vehicles
Jnr: Bryan Evans - Batmobile
Dave Porter - Klingon Bird of Prey

37. Sail Powered Ships
Jnr: Abby Daene - Roman Warship
Richard Upcott - USS Constitution
38. Powered (surface)
b) 1/400 and larger
unknown - Vosper MTB
39. Submarines 
a) 1/401 and smaller
Steve Curll - USS Grouper

41. Military Figures On Foot, all scales
Jnr: Mark Talbot - Signaler
Cam Tetrault - Samurai
42. Non-military, all scales
Jnr: Rachel Daene - Two Gunfighters
Dave Porter - Belly Dancer
43. Sci-Fi/Fantasy, all scales
Jnr: Connor Novak - Robot
Wes Long - Predator
44.Gaming Pieces
Roger Daene - 15mm gaming pieces
45. Dinosaurs
Joseph Yu Yu Kwan - Tyrannosaurus Rex

46. Aircraft 
a) Small composition (single aircraft, no more than 5 figures) all scales
Dave Porter - Messerschmitt Bf-109G-10 
b) Large Composition
Cam Tetrault - Airshow
47. Military vehicles
a) Small Composition
Jnr: Mark Talbot - 88mm gun and crew
Ryan Cunningham - T-26 Pershing tank
b) Large composition (2 or more vehicles, and/or more than 5 figures) 1/48 and larger
Jnr: Mark Talbot - Churchill tank
Dave Porter - Panther tank
48. Automobiles 
b) Light Trucks
Michael Evans - '56 Ford pickup
49. Figures 
a) Vignette (5 or fewer figures):
Jnr: Daniel Stubbings - German Mountain Troops
b) Diorama
Zachariah Becker - Last Stand Teuborg