Regina Scale Model Expo 1997

November 8-9, 1997

CBC Broadcast Centre

2440 Broad Street

Regina, SK

Best Adult Competitive Auto William Yee Dave Porter - AC Cobra
Best Adult Entry Dave Porter - Rare Bear
Best Adult Heavy Truck Frank Turgeon - Freightliner
Best Adult Jet Aircraft Lyle Frost - F-4E Phantom
Best Adult Light Truck Mike Stobbs - Ram VTS
Best Adult Prop Aircraft William Yee Dave Porter - Rare Bear
Best Adult Street Auto Hal Quinn - '62 Chevy Bel Air
Best Aircraft Cockpit Cam Tetrault - B-25 Mitchell
Best Armour Diorama Michael Evans - Regina Rifles
Best Automotive Diorama
Gord MacDonald - "Off to the Museum"
Best Automotive Interior Ed Kereluk - '50 Ford Pickup
Best Automotive Paint Ed Kereluk - '50 Ford Pickup
Best Base or Groundwork Dave Porter - MiG-15 diorama
Best Canadian Entry Cam Tetrault - B-25 Mitchell
Best Civil Aircraft Dave Porter - Rare Bear
Best Civilian Figure Jay Moffatt - Red Green
Best Collection Lyle Frost - A-37, F-4C, F-105G, F-16A, C-21
Best Decaling Len Schmidt Dave Porter - Rain-X Camaro
Best Diorama Michael Evans - Regina Rifles
Best Engine Detail Hal Quinn - '67 GTX
Best Figure Paint Jay Moffatt - Red Green
Best in Show Ed Kereluk - '50 Ford Pickup
Best Intermediate Entry Nathan Meckler - '66 VW Beetle
Best Junior Entry Jonathan Paul - Jeep CJ-7
Best Metal Finish Vern Gwin - C-130 Hercules
Best Military Figure Jay Moffatt - German Tank Crewman
Best Military Paint Len Schmidt Marlon Schultz - Bf-109G-10
Best Multi-Media Michael Evans Robert Aaberg - German 210mm Mortar
Best NASCAR Mike Stobbs - #29 Stock Car
Best Non-Adult Aircraft William Yee 
Jesse Krienke - F-14 Tomcat
Best Non-Adult Armour
Jamie Krienke - Pz.Kpfw. IV
Best Non-Adult Automotive Nathan Meckler - '66 VW Beetle
Best Non-Adult Sci Fi Bryan Evans - Rampaging Scorpion diorama
Best Non-Adult Truck Nathan Meckler - '95 Chevy S-10 Pickup
Best Ordinance Keith and Gladys Inches Cam Tetrault - F-16 Fighting Falcon
Best Rotary Wing Lee David - AH-64A Apache
Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Figure Dave Porter - Battle Suit
Best Ship Dave Porter - Danmark
Best Star Wars Dave Porter - Millennium Falcon
Best USAF Subject Lyle Frost - A-37, F-4C, F-105G, F-16A, C-21
Best Weathering Ryan Cunningham - BRDM-2 Armoured Car
Modeller's Choice Robert Aaberg - V-2 Rocket with towing vehicle
Peoples' Choice Dave Porter - Millennium Falcon
Best Figure Vignette
modeller unknown - subject unknown

Category winners

1. Biplane (and others that are predominately fabric, strut, and rigging)
a) 1/72 and smaller
Shane Armstrong - Fokker Dr.I
b) larger than 1/72
Marlon Schultz - Fokker Dr.I  1/48 scale
2. Single Engine Prop
a) 1/72 and smaller
Shane Armstrong - P-26 Peashooter
b) 1/48
Marlon Schultz - Bf-109G-10
3. Multi-Engine Prop
b) 1/48
Cam Tetrault - B-25 Mitchell
4. Single and Multi-engine Prop, 1/32
Int: Jamie Krienke - Ju-87 Stuka
Michael Evans - F4U Corsair
5. Small Jet Single Engine
a) 1/72 and smaller
Dave Porter - Messerschmitt P-1011
b) 1/48
Lyle Frost - MiG-15
6. Large Jet Multi-engine
a) 1/72 and smaller
Dave Porter - Su-27
b) 1/48
Lyle Frost - F-4E Phantom
7. Jets, 1/32
Cam Tetrault - F-16 Fighting Falcon
9. Civil, sport and racing, all scales
Dave Porter - Rare Bear
10. Rotary wing, all scales
Lee David - AH-64A Apache
11.Vacuuforms/Conversions/Scratchbuilts (Civil & Military)
a) 1/72 and smaller
Cam Tetrault - Avro Shackleton
b) 1/48
Vern Gwin - P-322 Lightning
12. Collections
Lyle Frost - A-37, F-4C, F-105G, F-16A, C-21
13. Aircraft Components
Gord MacDonald - Wright-Cyclone Engine

14. Closed Top AFV's (through 1945, including tanks, assault guns and self-propelled guns (1/48 and larger)
Int: Jamie Krienke - PzKpfw IV
Lee David - Panzer II
15. Closed Top AFV's (post 1945, including tanks, assault guns and self-propelled guns (1/48 and larger)
Lee David - M551 Sheridan
16. Armoured half-tracks and armoured cars (all eras) 1/48 and larger
Ryan Cunningham - BRDM-2 Armoured Car
18. Artillery, all eras, towed (includes missiles 1/48 and larger and all scales of railroad guns)
Robert Aaberg - German 210mm howitzer 
19. Conversions/Scratchbuilts
b) 1/48 and larger
Robert Aaberg - V-2 rocket with tow vehicle

21. Replica stock (unmodified body, chassis and drive-train except for tires and wheels, includes conversions) 1/20 and smaller
Jnr: Abigail Daene - VW Convertible
Hal Quinn - '70 Chevelle
22. Street Modified 
Int: Nathan Meckler - '66 VW Beetle
Hal Quinn - '62 Chev Bel Air
24. Competition, closed wheel (1/20 and smaller)
a) Bonneville
William Yee - ???
b) Road Race
Dave Porter - AC Cobra
c) Drag
Larry Draper - '64 330 Dodge
d) Stock Car
Mike Stobbs - #29 Stock Car
25. Custom and Show cars (1/20 and smaller)
Int: Jordan Mercer - '65 Ford Galaxy
Ed Kereluk - '50 Ford Pickup
27. Pro/Street, 1/20 and smaller
Hal Quinn - '67 GTX
29. Light Trucks
Jnr: Jonathan Paul - Jeep CJ-7
Int: Nathan Meckler - '95 S-10 Pickup
30. Heavy trucks 1/20 and smaller
Frank Turgeon - Freightliner
32. Large scales (1/19 and larger)
Allen Lindemann - '69 Camaro
33. Metal, Resin or Plastic smaller than 1/32
Ed Kereluk - '50 Studebaker Frankenstude

34. Real spacecraft and vehicles
Dave Porter - Lunar Lander
35. Film and TV spacecraft and vehicles
Dave Porter - Millennium Falcon
36. Fiction and Fantasy Vehicles & Spacecraft
Jnr: Bryan Evans - Batmobile

37. Sail Powered Ships
Dave Porter - Danmark
38. Powered (surface)
a) 1/401 and smaller
Gord MacDonald - Titanic
b) 1/400 and larger
Peter Maw - RAF Rescue Launch
39. Submarines 
Dave Porter - German Type IXC U-boat

40. Military Figures Mounted, all scales
Roger Daene - Essex, Old Glory
41. Military Figures On Foot, all scales
Jay Moffatt - German Tank Crewman
42. Non-military, all scales
Jay Moffatt - Red Green
43. Sci-Fi/Fantasy
a) Large Scale
Cam Tetrault - Indiana Jones
b) Medium Scale 54mm
Jay Moffatt - German Startrooper
44.Gaming Pieces
Roger Daene - Prussian Reserve
45. Dinosaurs
Ken Girling - Tyrannosaurus Rex

46. Aircraft 
a) Small composition (single aircraft, no more than 5 figures) all scales
Dave Porter - MiG-15
47. Military vehicles
b) Large composition (2 or more vehicles, and/or more than 5 figures) 1/48 and larger
Jnr: Mark Talbot - German Artillery
Michael Evans - Regina Rifles
48. Automobiles 
b) Heavy Trucks
Gord MacDonald - "Off to the Museum"
50. Science Fiction, all scales
Jnr: Bryan Evans - Rampaging Scorpion
Cam Tetrault  - Star Wars
49. Miscellaneous Dioramas
Michael Evans - British 8th Army Artillery

50. Humour (all-inclusive)
Gord MacDonald - Wingstone Cup Air Racers