Regina Scale Model Expo 1996

October 4-6, 1996

CBC Broadcast Centre

2440 Broad Street

Regina, SK

Best Adult AFV Gladys Inches Rob Wagner - Churchill III
Best Adult Competitive AutoHal Quinn - Front Engined Dragster
Best Adult Heavy TruckDarcy Frost - Kenworth and Trailer
Best Adult Humour Ron Hofer Jay Moffatt - Alien with Newspaper
Best Adult JetLyle Frost - F9F-5 Panther
Best Adult Light Truck Jay Moffatt Ron Covell - VW 4x4 Conversion
Best Adult Prop AircraftLyle Frost - F4U-4B Corsair
Best Adult Sci Fi DioramaDave Porter - Macross Street Rumble
Best Adult Ship Peter Maw Marlon Schultz - Type XXI U-boat
Best Adult Street AutoBlair Alderton - '51 Chevrolet 1/2 Ton
Best AFV DioramaDave Porter - Desert Storm
Best AFV Historical RepresentationRob Wagner - Churchill Mk.III
Best AFV InteriorRob Wagner - Churchill Mk.III
Best Aircraft DioramaDave Porter - Fw-190D-9
Best Aircraft Historical RepresentationDave Schmidt - Hawker Typhoon 440 Squadron
Best Aircraft UndercarriageDave Porter - Fw-190D-9 diorama
Best Automotive Historical RepresentationBlair Alderton - '51 Chevrolet 1/2 ton
Best Automotive InteriorDave Porter - Ford GT-49
Best Automotive PaintMatthew Yee - Dodge Viper
Best Battlefield DamageLes Staff - Zero versus Wildcat diorama
Best CockpitLyle Frost - F4U-4B Corsair
Best DecalingVern Gwin - F-15D
Best Display BaseJay Moffatt - Seaman HMCS Rainbow
Best Engine DetailDave Porter - Mustang GT-350
Best EngineeredWilliam Yee - Dodge Crewcab and Trailer
Best Figure ExpressionJay Moffatt - 60's Hippie Protester
Best Figure PaintJay Moffatt - Canadian Private (Italy)
Best Figure VignetteWes Long - Bernie Wrightson's Frankenstein
Best GlassDave Porter - Ford GT-40
Best GroundworkJay Moffatt - Canadian Private (Italy)
Best Intermediate Aircraft Gene Stacyszyn Sean Haile - Spitfire
Best Intermediate Auto Blair Alderton Matthew Yee - Dodge Viper
Best Intermediate Sci FiJamie Krienke - X-wing Fighter
Best Intermediate Sci Fi DioramaJamie Krienke - Gunfight at Droid Corral
Best Intermediate TruckNathan Meckler - '64 Chevrolet Fleetside
Best Junior AircraftJesse Krienke - A-10 Warthog
Best Junior Automotive Don Pakula Craig Churchman - '57 Fairlane
Best Junior Sci Fi Len Schmidt Steve Long - AT-AT Walker
Best Junior Truck Frank Turgeon Jonathon Paul - 1997 Ford F-150
Best Metal FinishVern Gwin - Canadian Lancaster
Best Military Figure Gladys Inches Jay Moffatt - Canadian Private (Italy)
Best Military PaintMarlon Schultz - Fokker Dr.I
Best Multi-MediaTim Maw - Fw-190A-8
Best Non-Adult AFV Jay Moffatt Bryan Evans - T-34
Best Ordinance Lyle Frost "The Model Doctor" Lyle Frost - F4U-4B Corsair
Best RiggingMarlon Schultz - Fokker D.VII
Best Sci Fi /Fantasy FigureWes Long - Creature from the Black Lagoon
Best ScratchbuiltRobert Aaberg - Class A 3-ton Truck
Best Adult Sci-FiDave Porter X-wing Fighter
Best WaterCam Tetrault - D-Day Diorama
Best WeatheringDave Porter - Desert Storm diorama
Most ImaginativeRon Covell - VW Beetle 4x4 Conversion
Best Intermediate Figure Vignette Robert Reevie  
Best Diorama 
Best Adult Entry 
Best Junior Entry Regina Fire Department  
Best Intermediate Entry 
Best in Show 
People's Choice 

Category winners

1. Biplane (and others that are predominately fabric, strut, and rigging)
a) 1/72 and smaller
Kelly Weonter - Pfalz D.IIIA
b) larger than 1/72
Marlon Schultz - Fokker Dr.I  1/48 scale
2. Single Engine Prop
b) 1/48
Int: Sean Haile - Spitfire
Lyle Frost - F4U-4B
3. Multi-Prop
b) 1/48
Vern Gwin - Canadian Lancaster
5. Small Jet (not exceeding 55ft. in wingspan or length)
b) 1/48
Lyle Frost - F9F Panther
6. Large Jet
a) 1/72
Jnr: Jesse Krienke - A-10 Warthog
Int: Sean Haile - F-14
Vern Gwin - F-4G Phantom
b) 1/48
Vern Gwin - F-15D
7. Jets, 1/32
Cam Tetrault - CF-104
9. Civil, sport and racing, all scales
Vern Gwin - Lear Jet 35
10. Rotary wing, all scales
Darcy Frost - Sea King
11.Vacuuforms/Conversions/Scratchbuilts (Civil & Military)
b) 1/48
Vern Gwin - Cavalier Mustang

13. Closed Top AFV's (through 1945, including tanks, assault guns and self-propelled guns (1/48 and larger)
Ryan Cunningham - Hummel
14. Closed Top AFV's (post 1945, including tanks, assault guns and self-propelled guns (1/48 and larger)
John Buchan - M1 Abrams
16. Armoured half-tracks and armoured cars (all eras) 1/48 and larger
Robert Aaberg - M3 Armoured half-track
SOB - Michael Evans - LAV-AT
17. Soft skinned military vehicles (all eras including jeeps, trucks, un-armoured half-tracks and motorcycles) 1/48 and larger
Int: Jamie Krienke- Jeep
Robert Aaberg - 3-ton Truck
18. Artillery, all eras, towed (includes missiles 1/48 and larger and all scales of railroad guns)
Robert Wagner - V-2 Rocket 
19. Conversions/Scratchbuilts
b) 1/48 and larger
Robert Wagner - Churchill III
20. Military vehicles (all eras) 1/49 and smaller
a) Fully Tracked
Jnr: Bryan Evans - T-34

21. Replica stock (unmodified body, chassis and drive-train except for tires and wheels, includes conversions) 1/20 and smaller
Jnr: Jonathan Paul - '67 GTX
Int: Chad Parker - '71'Cuda
Blair Alderton - '64 Impala
53. Street Modified 
Int: Chad Welta - '67 Camaro
Hal Quinn - '60 'Vette
22. Competition, open wheel (1/20 and smaller)
Int: Regan Bordessa - Ormsby Rail
Dave Porter - 1977 McLaren Grand Prix
23. Competition, closed wheel (1/20 and smaller)
a) Bonneville
William Yee - '53 Studebaker
b) Road Race
Int: Chad Welta - '69 Mustang
Mike Stobbs - Photo Tec WC
c) Drag
Int:  Jordan Mercer - '55 Chev
Will Yee - '62 Dodge Dart
24. Custom and Show cars (1/20 and smaller)
Jnr: Aaron Moyer - Batmobile
Int: Nicole Bordessa - Corvette III
Brent Welta - '49 Ford
25. Street Rods, 1/20 and smaller
Int: Nathan Meckler - '37 Ford
Jeremy Myers - '37 Ford
26. Pro/Street, 1/20 and smaller
Int: Richard Thom - '67 Chevelle
Mike Stobbs - '63 Chevy Bel Air
27. Public Service Cars and Trucks (e.g. taxis, police, fire, utility, tow trucks etc.), 1/20 and smaller
Blair Alderton  - RCMP Dodge Powerwagon
28. Light Trucks
Jnr: Jonathan Paul - '97 Ford F-150
Int: Nathan Meckler - '64 Chevy  Ton
William Yee - Dodge Crewcab and Trailer
29. Heavy trucks 1/20 and smaller
Dan Pakula - Peterbuilt 359
30. Motorcycles, all scales
Mark Long - Harley FXS Lowrider
31. Large scales (1/19 and larger)
a) Trucks
Darcy Frost - Kenworth W-900
b) Cars
Allen Lindemann - '57 Corvette
32. Automotive Components
Mike Stobbs - 427 Chevy Engine

33. Real spacecraft and vehicles
Cam Tetrault - Lunar Lander
34. Film and TV spacecraft and vehicles
Jnr: Steven Long - AT-AT Walker
Int: Jamie Krienke - X-wing Fighter
Dave Porter - X-wing Fighter

37. Powered (surface)
a) 1/401 and smaller
Bob Mercer - Kirishima
b) 1/400 and larger
Trevor MacLaren - PBR Patrol Boat River 5
38. Submarines 
b) 1/400 and larger
Marlon Schultz - German Type XXI U-boat

41. Military, all scales
a) On Foot
Jnr: Steven Long - Military on foot
Jay Moffatt - Japanese Army Private
b) Mounted
Len Maynard - Czar Alexander
42. Non-military, all scales
Jay Moffatt - 60's Hippie Protester
51.Gaming Pieces
Len Maynard - French/Italian/Swiss
52. Dinosaurs
Jnr: Jonathan Paul - Tyrannosaurus Rex

44. Aircraft 
a) Small composition (single aircraft, no more than 5 figures) all scales
Int: Jamie Krienke - Me-262
Dave Porter - Fw-190D  1/48 scale
b) Large Composition 
Les Staff - Zero versus Hellcat in flight Diorama
45. Military vehicles
b) Large composition (2 or more vehicles, and/or more than 5 figures) 1/48 and larger
Jnr: Mark Talbot - Bunkered In
Dave Porter - Desert Storm
46. Automobiles 
a) Cars
Chad Welta - '40 Ford Garage Scene
47. Figures
a) Vignette: 5 or fewer figures
Jnr: Bryan Evans - 107mm Mortar & Crew
Wes Long - Bernie Wrightson's Frankenstein
48. Science Fiction, all scales
Int: Dave Krienke - Gunfight at Droid Corral
Dave Porter  - Macross Street Rumble
49. Miscellaneous Dioramas
Michael Evans - British 8th Army Artillery

50. Humour (all-inclusive)
Jay Moffatt - Alien with Newspaper