Expo Categories

  1. Aircraft
  2. (military, civilian, un-powered, lighter than air, rotary wing)

    1a) 1/72 scale prop

    1b) 1/72 scale jet

    1c) 1/48 scale prop

    1d) 1/48 scale jet

    1e) 1/73 scale and smaller

    1f) Rotary wing
    (all scales)

    1g) 1/47 and larger


  3. Armour
  4. (tanks, armoured cars, half-tracks, soft skinned vehicles, artillery, military rockets)

    2a) 1/72 and smaller

    2b) 1/48 scale

    2c) 1/32 - 1/35 scale

    2d) Other scales


  5. Civilian Automotive
  6. (cars, trucks, motorcycles)

    3a) Street 1/24 & 1/25 scale

    3b) Competition 1/24 & 1/25 scale

    3c) Show 1/24 & 1/25 scale

    3d) Trucks, Small 1/24 - 1/25 (1/2 tons, etc.)

    3e) Trucks, Large 1/24 - 1/25 (Semis, gravel trucks, etc.)

    3f) Motorcycles (all scales)

       3g) Other scales


  7. Ships (all scales)
  8. (surface, submarines, powered, un-powered)


  9. Space and Sci-Fi (all scales)
  10. (non-military rockets, spaceships, sci-fi vehicles)

    5a) Real Space and Rockets

    5b) Sci-Fi/Fantasy (incl. Mecha (Gundam, Warhammer, etc.) & robots)


  11. Figures (all scales)
  12. (people, fictional characters, monsters)


  13. Dioramas/Vignettes (all scales)
  14. 7a) Vignette: A scene with nothing but human, alien, or animal figures.
    No machinery or large weaponry included. Buildings and scenery acceptable.

    7b) Diorama: A scene with one or more large machines or large weaponry.
    There may be one or more human, alien, or animal figures included.


  15. Collections (all scales, any subject)
  16. (5 or more closely related items)


  17. Miscellaneous (all scales)
  18. (anything that does not fit in any other category, e.g. engines, cockpits, buildings, trains, bicycles, humour, animals, insects, etc.)


  19. Junior (14 years of age and under, all scales, all subjects)

    New for 2018 contest

  21. Triathlon (all scales)
  22. A set of three models, grouped and displayed together as a single entry. Each model must come from a different class.
    Eligible classes are: 1. Aircraft, 2. Armour, 3. Civilian Automotive, 4. Ships, 5. Space and Sci-fi, 6. Figures, and 9. Miscellaneous.

    The models will be judged as a group, with overall quality determining placement. Credit will be given for diversity of entries.
    For example - a triathlon containing an airplane (class 1), tank (class 2) & drag racer (class 3) will be more diverse than a
    triathlon containing a tank (class 2), a submarine (class 4) and another submarine that was modified by adding wings
    and entered as a hypothetical submarine that can fly (class 9).

    No more than one of the three models comprising this entry may have won as an individual entry in a previous Expo (see Rule 1.2).
    Models comprising a winning Triathlon entry may subsequently be entered individually in their respective categories in
    a future Expo contest, if they were not themselves previous Expo winners.