December 2016  Vol.38 No.4            
Buck Rogers Marauder Kit Review          
RSM Remembrance Day Displays 2016           Article
November 2016  Vol.38 No.3            
October 2016  Vol.38 No.2            
RSM Club Contest Results 2016           Article
WW I Canadian Expeditionary Force Uniform Color Formula           Article
September 2016  Vol.38 No.1            
August 2016  Vol.37 No.11            
Regina Flying Club Open House Display June 2016           Article
June 2016  Vol.37 No.10            
The Cover of the Random Thoughts         Music
May 2016  Vol.37 No.9            
April 2016  Vol.37 No.8            
March 2016  Vol.37 No.7            
Tamiya Masking Tape for Curves Kit Review          
February 2016  Vol.37 No.6            
January 2016  Vol.37 No.5            
The New RSM Club Projector           Article