November 2008  Vol.29 No.4            
The Frugal Modeler - Using a Saddle Valve to get the paint dregs from a spray can       How-to    
Emhar 1/72 scale Whippet tank, Kit no. EM5004 Kit Review          
Monogram 1/24 scale Pie Wagon build - update of January 2005 article Kit Review          
Expo 2008 Contest results pt. 1           Article
October 2008  Vol.29 No.3            
The Frugal Modeler - Re-using plastic egg cartons       How-to    
September 2008  Vol.29 No.2            
August 2008  Vol.29 No.1            
A Stroll Down the Model Aisle           Article
July 2008  Vol.28 No.10            
Allison Vs Alison Buildoff           Article
2008 Club Contest results           Article
June 2008  Vol.28 No.9            
Huma 1/72 scale Lippisch DM-1, Kit no. 2511 Kit Review          
May 2008  Vol.28 No.8            
Hasegawa 1/72 scale Type 2 Fighter Seaplane, Kit No. AP23 Kit Review          
March 2008  Vol.28 No.7            
DakoPlast 1/72 scale LaGG-3 series 66, Kit No. 12001 Kit Review          
February 2008  Vol.28 No.6            
Fonderie Miniature  1/48 scale Handley Page Hampden, Kit No. 6056 Kit Review          
Hasegawa 1/72 scale Curtiss P-40E, Kit No. AT9 (02509) Kit Review          
January 2008  Vol.28 No.5            
Italeri 1/48 scale Chinook HC.1 (CH-47C), Kit No. 2662 Kit Review